Colonial Pipeline proposes sweeping changes to shipper history transfers Houston (Platts)--4 Aug 2015 413 pm EDT/2013 GMT

Near-term UK wholesale natural gas prices rise despite supply boost London (Platts)--4 Aug 2015 714 am EDT/1114 GMT

Cheap natural gas cuts Nipsco coal use in second quarter Louisville, Kentucky (Platts)--4 Aug 2015 441 pm EDT/2041 GMT

US met coal buyers talk up import possibilities in 2016 London (Platts)--4 Aug 2015 417 pm EDT/2017 GMT

Los Angeles CARBOB falls 19.5 cents/gal on new supply from cargoes Houston (Platts)--4 Aug 2015 418 pm EDT/2018 GMT

US methanol falls to near-five-year low on sustained demand weakness Houston (Platts)--4 Aug 2015 508 pm EDT/2108 GMT

Lower oil prices impact Ecuador's long steel sector Sao Paulo (Platts)--4 Aug 2015 442 pm EDT/2042 GMT

Sao Paulo ethanol parity against gasoline at lowest in almost 5 years: ANP Santos, Brazil (Platts)--4 Aug 2015 509 pm EDT/2109 GMT

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