UPDATE: Crude futures go into freefall on OPEC decision London (Platts)--27 Nov 2014 108 pm EST/1808 GMT

UK spot gas prices continue slid from Tuesday's high as demand falls London (Platts)--27 Nov 2014 926 am EST/1426 GMT

French day-ahead power prices plunge as nuclear hits high, demand stays low London (Platts)--27 Nov 2014 925 am EST/1425 GMT

China Shanxi's Oct coal output rises 13% on month to 81.43 mil mt Singapore (Platts)--26 Nov 2014 916 am EST/1416 GMT

Novorossiisk bunker operations suffer delays after stormy weather: sources London (Platts)--27 Nov 2014 933 am EST/1433 GMT

European November paraxylene CP fully settled at Eur840/mt FD NWE: sources London (Platts)--27 Nov 2014 931 am EST/1431 GMT

Norsk Hydro expects tight global aluminium market to continue London (Platts)--27 Nov 2014 932 am EST/1432 GMT

German September direct-blended ethanol usage falls on month, year: BAFA London (Platts)--27 Nov 2014 930 am EST/1430 GMT

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