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Starting July 1st, European Power Daily features a weekly supplement on the Turkish power market, with power price assessments; market coverage; spark and dark spreads; as well as steel, coal and LNG.
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Michigan moves to develop its own carbon implementation plan
September 1, 2015

Michigan's decision, unveiled Tuesday, to develop its own state carbon implementation plan means it intends to rely on a "robust stakeholder process" to chart its energy future, including the fate of coal-fired power plants.
Offshore wind power costs fall in Europe, but will they hit the magic number?
August 20, 2015

Costs are coming down for offshore wind technology, but, as Henry Edwardes-Evans and Anuradha Ramanathan discuss in this video, the window of opportunity is shrinking because subsidies are finite and development is restricted.
I've got a fever, and the only prescription is more wind generation
August 7, 2015

Like the music producer in the iconic "Saturday Night Live" skit, the US EPA has come back and demanded an increase of something that’s been getting more attention anyway.
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