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Energy Week

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About Platts Energy Week

Platts Energy Week TV is an independent energy news and information program that airs weekly on CBS and PBS television stations in Washington, Houston and other markets in the U.S. The program provides a forum where prominent decision makers in government, industry and markets gather to provide information that their peers can use to help gauge opportunities and risks associated with energy investments and trading.

In addition, Platts Energy Week, through its Global Market Spotlight commentary, brings you exclusive insight by Platts’ worldwide team of market editors and reporters, allowing viewers to spot trends and make connections across a variety of commodities by region.

No other TV program provides a single platform for such far-reaching discussion of energy by such renowned people – a program that not only describes what’s happening in energy but also helps set the agenda. Platts Energy Week is part of a long and proud tradition of news and information gathering and analysis at Platts, a company that has informed energy markets for more than 100 years. Our publications, real-time news services and other information products provide the highest-quality news, information, analysis and price assessments in oil, petroleum products, natural gas, nuclear power, electricity, coal, biofuels, petrochemicals, agriculture, metals and steel markets.

Platts Energy Week is part of the WUSA 9’s “Sunday Power Block” of distinguished programming, including CBS Sunday Morning, Face the Nation, and BioCentury This Week.

Show topics include:

  • Smart grid technology
  • Offshore drilling
  • Nuclear energy
  • Renewable resources
  • Natural gas (shale)
  • Climate change

Show guests include:

  • Members of Congress
  • Top officials from DOE, EPA, Interior and other agencies
  • Energy industry CEOs and other top executives
  • Internal experts and foreign officials
  • Representatives from trade groups, labor, and environmental groups
  • Financial analysts and market reporters
  • State officials

Platts Energy Week is the latest addition to Platts' portfolio of more than 100 publications, real-time alerts and other information services dedicated to providing the highest-quality independent news, analysis and price assessments in oil, petroleum products, natural gas, nuclear power, electricity, coal, biofuels and other renewable energy, carbon emissions, shipping, petrochemicals, steel, iron ore and other metals.

What's New
What’s Happening on September 21st
Streaming video for this week's show will be available by 9 am ET on September 21st.

Russia, Energy Security and Foreign Policy
In the midst of the stand-off in Europe, Russia is facing increasing sanctions from the U.S. and the European Union over its role in Ukraine. This comes as the U.S. has a new diplomat to help Washington navigate the interplay between energy security and its global foreign policy. In a two-part segment, Program Host Bill Loveless will interview Amos Hochstein, the acting special envoy and coordinator for international energy affairs at the U.S. State Department. The second segment will delve into a new energy deal that would supply Jordan with natural gas from Israel.

A Closer Look at Russian Energy Sanctions
Providing further perspective on the impact of Russian energy sanctions will be Elizabeth Rosenberg, a former U.S. Treasury Department official who has helped implement energy sanctions in the past, and Mark Herlach, an international lawyer who focuses on energy and international business.

Market Spotlight: U.S. Gasoline Prices Fall
A global boom in oil supplies and the end of the summer driving season have sent U.S. gasoline prices plummeting to their lowest levels in four years. With the U.S. Energy Information Administration forecasting a continued decline in gasoline and diesel prices, is now the time to lift the de facto ban on crude oil exports? Platts Senior Editor Herman Wang will explain why it might not happen.

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