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Aluminum Symposium 2017

January 15–17, 2017 • Omni Scottsdale Resort & Spa • Paradise Valley, Arizona

<p class="body" style="MARGIN-TOP: 0px; MARGIN-LEFT: 0; MARGIN-RIGHT: 10px"> </p> <p class="body" style="MARGIN-TOP: 5px; MARGIN-LEFT: 0; MARGIN-RIGHT: 10px;"> <span class="eventheader"> <strong>Aluminum Symposium 2017</strong> </span> </p> <p class="body" style="MARGIN-TOP: 10px; MARGIN-LEFT: 0px; MARGIN-RIGHT: 10px;"> <strong>January 15–17, 2017 • Omni Scottsdale Resort & Spa • Paradise Valley, Arizona</strong> </p>     

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The Platts Aluminum Symposium 2017 gives you outstanding educational and networking value. This year the Symposium returns to Scottsdale, Arizona, a popular venue for our audience and a great setting for networking.

Hear the outlook for aluminum in the new year:

  • Macro trends impacting the aluminum industry
  • The role of the exchanges in a new economic environment
  • New challenges for billet and extrusion
  • Secondary scrap market dynamics
  • World aluminum markets—China, Middle East, Mexico

Expert speakers include:

  • Paramita Das, Chief Transformation Officer, Atlantic Ops., Rio Tinto
  • Mike Keown, Senior Vice President and President North America, Aleris
  • Scott Evans, Director, Americas, Concord Resources Ltd.
  • Sanjay Saraf, Head of Commodity Market Analysis, Metals and Mining, S&P Global Market Intelligence
  • Youngjin Chang, Executive Director and Global Head of Metals, CME Group
  • Tom Horter, President and Chief Executive Officer, Alexin LLC
  • Rick Merluzzi, President, Metal Exchange Corporation
  • Jim Dickson, Director, Global Automotive Strategy, Commercial, Primary Metal, Rio Tinto
  • Andre Marshall, Founder and President, Crunch Risk
  • Jay Armstrong, President, Trialco
  • Frank Weissert, President, FW Metals LLC
  • Fred Penha, Director, Metals Products, CME Group
  • Matt Aboud, President, Hydro Aluminum Metals USA LLC
  • Jason Weber, Director, Business Development, Energy and Industrial Products, Sapa Extrusions
  • Adel Abubakar, Managing Director, DUBAL America Inc.
  • Norberto Vidaña, Manager Market Intelligence, NEMAK
  • Karen McBeth, Editorial Director, S&P Global Platts
  • Tina Allagh, Senior Managing Editor, S&P Global Platts
  • Sarah Baltic, Associate Editor, S&P Global Platts

Hedging and price risk management workshop

This year, we are bringing back the successful Hedging and Price Risk Management Workshop. This post-conference workshop gives you expert understanding of basic hedging methods for aluminum, and then goes on to give you practical, hands-on hedging exercises that will escalate your hedging competency.

The workshop is designed to give you a thorough, practical and down-to-earth understanding of opportunities in the market to hedge and manage your risk exposure for aluminum. Whether you are experienced or just getting your feet wet, this workshop will help connect all the dots and put the pieces in place that might be missing in your understanding of price risk management.

Our experienced workshop presenters have been involved with previous Platts Workshops and understand the dynamics of a live audience that might want to go off script to address specific needs and concerns. And we'll do that.

Why not add to your itinerary and get the facts about hedging & price risk management? One afternoon session could help you and your organization avoid a lot a sleepless nights and headaches down the road.

In very digestible bite-sized sessions we will cover topics including:

  • An introduction to risk, hedging & speculation
  • The role of exchanges
  • Spot/cash markets and the forward curve
  • The Midwest premium
  • Outlines of practical hedging scenarios

Even Better Networking in 2017

Download the free mobile networking app to exchange contact information and real-time messages with other app users at the conference. Using the app also ensures you have the latest conference agenda and convenient access to available speaker presentations onsite. Watch for download instructions about a week before the conference.

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