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European Power Generation Week

March 21 - 23, 2017 • Brussels, Belgium

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Incorporating the 8th European Power Summit & 12th Nuclear Power Conference

Mark March 21-23 2017 in your diaries today!

We are very excited to announce the launch of Platts European Power Generation Week – a new initiative for the industry encompassing two must attend events taking place in the same week and location for the very first time.

Platts 8th annual European Power Summit (March 21-22) and 12th annual European Nuclear Power Conference (March 23) are bigger, better and more flexible than ever before, including significant delegate discount rates to attend both events.

This newly combined approach enables today’s leading energy companies, financiers, regulators and other key industry stakeholders to attend one or both events in Brussels this March.

Backed with an even higher speaker faculty and greater networking opportunities, these events will provide the perfect platform for the industry to debate the very latest developments, challenges and new business opportunities head on in both the renewables and conventional power generation sectors.

This will include the role of nuclear power in achieving a green future and the importance of digitization in successfully delivering a single EU market.

What to expect – a taster:

March 21
March 22
March 23
Platts 8th European Power Summit - Conventional Generation Day Platts 8th European Power Summit - Renewables Generation Day Platts 12th European Nuclear Power Conference - New Build Strategy Day
The Big Picture for European Generation Today – Part One
Outlook for conventional generation, market design, regulation, innovation, flexibility, strategies for today’s utilities
The Big Picture for European Generation Today – Part Two
Changing targets, changing support structures: the move to post 2020 EU-wide targets and standardized auctions for new renewables
The Big Picture for European Nuclear Generation Today
Brexit: does the UK also leave the Euratom Treaty?, the case for nuclear power, latest on SMRs, addressing nuclear skills, and the latest on life extensions
Progress towards a single market: Achievements to date and what remains to be done
– Wholesale, balancing and capacity markets, national and regional, cross border initiatives
Market integration: Interconnection & Grid Resilience Developments
– Regional grid initiatives, harmonization of codes, project development, digitization and whole-grid thinking
European Nuclear Power Focus
– Latest developments for Hinkley Point C, Moorside, Wylfa Newydd and Bradwell. And status reports on Flamanville and Olkiluoto – challenges and solutions
Conventional Generation Focus
– Gas-fired economics outlook, coal-fired economics assessed, pumped storage, co-fired/dedicated biomass assessed
Renewables Generation Focus
– Latest projects, investment and costs for onshore and offshore wind, solar, emerging technology view and operational innovation
Global Nuclear Power Focus
- Innovations, developments and challenges in nuclear new build and financing in the key markets of China, Japan and the USA
Financing Solutions for Energy Companies
– Investor views of financing opportunities in dispatchable generation
Disruptive Influences
– Storage technology and economics: Innovations and initiatives, and demand response: its future role
Nuclear fuel & Safety Best Practices
– Global uranium production costs, and priorities of nuclear safety: Challenges, solutions and new opportunities
Trading & Regulation for Utilities
– Update on market surveillance and financial regulations affecting energy trading: REMIT, MiFID II and EMIR
Electricity Price Modelling & Forecasting
– Outlook for the European market
Decommissioning and Waste Strategies
– Meeting legacy obligations and latest storage technology innovations and opportunities


Both events combined regularly attract in excess of 200 delegates each year from across the European power generation value chain, including:

  • Europe’s leading utilities and renewable energy companies
  • Policy makers and regulators
  • Project developers and financiers
  • Technology providers, vendors and infrastructure developers
  • Analysts, lawyers and consultants

Speaking opportunities:

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Sponsorship opportunities:

From brand recognition to one-on-one networking, we'll partner with you to ensure our event meets your business goals.

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