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Industry Solution Papers

Special Reports

In these papers, Platts' specialists take an in-depth look at various issues affecting the energy, petrochemical & metals industries; highlighting current trends, looking at what price history can tell us and drawing attention to things in the future that will be important for market participants.

Bakken: The King in the North

Published May 2014

Platts launched on April 22 a new Bakken crude oil assessment representing the light sweet crude traded close to the wellhead at North Dakota terminals in the Williston Basin with the capacity to move crude by rail or by pipeline. Rail loadings in 2014 moved 70% of total Bakken production at 1 million b/d. Pipelines will continue to play an important role due to several projects coming online by 2016.

Easing Iran sanctions sparks hopes for petchems exports, but hurdles remain

Published March 2014

The relaxation of Iran's nuclear-related sanctions has raised hopes that petrochemical players around the world may once again have access to one of the largest global producer's material. But the practical and political realities will make it difficult for these players to reap benefits, even in the longer term.


Market Issue Papers

These are a series of deep-dive discussion papers examining current price-discovery issues in the market place. These are typically issues Platts is tracking in detail and may be consulting with the market on in advance of making changes to existing methodologies or launching new assessments. These are of interest to all those affected by price-discovery methodology and process in the energy, petrochemical and metals markets.

Platts JKM and its growing relevance in spot contracts

Published February 2012

Platts’ daily Asia spot LNG price assessment, the Japan Korea Marker, is used as the outright pricing basis for up to 40% of spot LNG deals in the region.

Platts Asia LNG price assessments: A FAQ

Published February 2012

Platts assessments can be used by anyone needing timely, independent spot LNG price information. Find out more here.


Industry Perspectives

These papers are written by industry commentators and consultants and cover a series of topics that are of interest to people across all energy & commodity markets. They delve into topics as diverse as enhancing transparency and disclosure strategies for energy hedging.

A look forward - Understanding Forward Curves In Energy Markets 

Published February 2011

This paper explores several types of forward curves used by market participants, differences between market-based curves and settlement-derived curves, and tools available to energy companies for modeling forward prices.

Hedge Strategy - Enhancing Transparency and Disclosure Strategies for Energy Hedging Programs 

Published February 2011

This document focuses on matching hedge programs and strategies to management and investor expectations through disclosures, direct communication, and use of transparent models and data sources.


Case Histories

In this section, you will find papers written by Platts’ customers who are sharing best practices on the use of Platts’ news and information. These educational papers help inform existing or new market participants on how similar companies use information to help shape their decision making.

Independent Price Assessment Data Helps Iron Ore Newcomer, Bahia Mineracao, Mine for Competitive Intelligence

Published October 2010

Despite a floundering global economy, demand for iron ore has continued to increase over the last few years. In this case study, we see how Bahia Mineração, a relative newcomer to the iron ore industry, prepares for the future using a new market-oriented pricing methodology. The benefit comes from negotiating prices more frequently based on a published index, creating transparency and contracts that reflect true market value.