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These are a series of deep-dive discussion papers examining current price-discovery issues in the market place. These are typically issues Platts is tracking in detail and may be consulting with the market on in advance of making changes to existing methodologies or launching new assessments. These are of interest to all those affected by price-discovery methodology and process in the energy, petrochemical and metals markets.

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Dated Brent: The Pricing Benchmark for Asia-Pacific Sweet Crude Oil

Published May 2011

The Dated Brent benchmark has taken on an increasingly significant role in the determination of oil prices in the entire Asia-Pacific region. This paper examines and explains the reasons for this ongoing and accelerating trend.

Developments and Price Trends in Bakken Blend Crude

Published April 2011

This backgrounder document discusses the latest developments and price trends surrounding Bakken Blend Crude. Platts explains that the outlook for Bakken crude production for the next few years is promising, and many of the government reserve estimates could be understating the potential of the Bakken and Three Forks formations.

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Natural Gas

Platts JKM and its growing relevance in spot contracts

Published February 2012

Platts’ daily Asia spot LNG price assessment, the Japan Korea Marker, is used as the outright pricing basis for up to 40% of spot LNG deals in the region.

Platts Asia LNG price assessments: A FAQ

Published February 2012

Platts assessments can be used by anyone needing timely, independent spot LNG price information. Find out more here.

Electric Power

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Bringing Transparency to the Petrochemical Markets

Published January 2007

Never has the need been greater for price transparency in the petrochemical market than today. With continued volatility, Platts makes a case for transparency and discusses its response with the Market on Close (MOC) system—assessesing petrochemical prices by using the market value as of the close of the trading day or week. Platts has made this open methodology available for the global community to see and comment on.


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UCOME and TME pricing: Why Platts clarified its approach to UCOME prices and discontinued TME prices

Published August 2014

Platts’ view is that the UCOME and TME market is better served through full and transparent publication of all discrete pricing information, rather than through a single-point assessment of value at this time.

Glycerine pricing: Why Platts discontinued publication of Glycerine prices

Published August 2014

Platts discontinued the assessments, but not the coverage of the glycerine market, effective July 24, 2014. Platts has observed that the number of pricing indications that exist for the glycerine market is limited by the size and nature of this market. The market is very fragmented from a quality and end-use perspective.

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