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In these papers, Platts' specialists take an in-depth look at various issues affecting the energy, petrochemical & metals industries; highlighting current trends, looking at what price history can tell us and drawing attention to things in the future that will be important for market participants.

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The IMO's 2020 global sulfur cap: What a 2020 sulfur-constrained world means for shipping lines, refineries and bunker suppliers

Published October 2016

On October 27 the UN’s International Maritime Organization confirmed a 2020 start date for a much lower 0.5% global sulfur cap on marine fuels. With the uncertainty over, a sharply more regulated shipping emissions sector looms into view, with potentially a large increase in demand for middle distillates. What will the impact be on refiners, crude producers, bunker suppliers, and emissions?

Japan's oil and LNG price evolution: On the path to transparency

Updated October 2016

In this special report, Platts looks at the ongoing changes in Japan’s refining sector, potential development of new spot oil products price benchmarks, and the possible development of a spot LNG price benchmark.

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Natural Gas

US LNG vs pipeline gas: European market share war?

Published November 2016

With the first LNG cargoes having arrived in Europe, S&P Global Platts looks at how the traditional suppliers to Europe are reacting.

European Gas Daily: Platts guide to EU-Russian energy relations

Published November 2016

This guide looks at relations between the EU and Russia in different energy-related areas, and gives an overall assessment of the relationship.

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Electric Power

Trump vs. Clinton: On energy, the stakes are high for renewables, coal

Published October 2016

As with nearly every issue raised during this combative presidential campaign, the natural tension between environmental protection and the generation of electric power has revealed widely disparate positions by Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Hinkley Point C: The journey to final approval

Published October 2016

The UK’s Hinkley Point C nuclear power project's twin reactors are set to be the first built in the UK for over 20 years and could launch a nuclear renaissance in the country. This latest version of S&P Global Platts’ special report tracks the UK government’s approval decision, adds a chart showing how Hinkley’s index linked strike price has risen since the initial 2012 agreement and includes recent news of downgrades for EDF from S&P Global Ratings and Moody’s.

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Coking coal: Coming to terms with the end of the China bull run

Published April 2016

This report examines the challenges and opportunities that the global coking coal market faces amid changing supply ownership, slowing steel demand in China and the fundamental basis of pricing.

Metallurgical coal markets to remain China-centric

Published September 2014

It’s no surprise that shorter-term pricing and China’s emergence as a large coal importer have occurred at the same time. These can be seen as mutually reinforcing trends.

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Platts Dry Bulk Market Survey

Published October 2016

Despite the recent improvement in freight rates, the second annual Platts Dry Bulk Market Survey has revealed that participants remain overwhelmingly bearish on the potential timescale for a sustained recovery. Of over 120 respondents, some 94% believe that a prolonged rebound will not happen for at least another year.

Dry bulk tonnage at a crossroads

Published May 2016

The dry bulk market is in a sorry state. It is going through the worst downturn in decades and its main scourge -- tonnage oversupply, is projected to get even worse in 2016-2017. So, does that mean that the future only holds more disappointment for shipowners in this troubled sector? In this special report, Platts shipping editors explore the challenges of tonnage overcapacity, give an outlook for the global dry bulk fleet and identify opportunities that may still be there for the right investors.

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Asia Petrochemical Outlook H1 2017 - Olefins and Polymers

Published January 2017

Asian olefins and polymers markets will mostly face an oversupply situation, fueled in part by a lighter steam cracker turnaround season and fresh production capacity. Amid the supply and demand fundamentals, China’s futures markets are expected to have a volatile impact on polymers markets. This outlook report highlights the key themes to look out for across Asia in 2017.

Asia Petrochemical Outlook H1 2017 - Aromatics & Blendstocks

Published January 2017

Fresh supply is expected to enter Asia’s aromatics markets over 2017, and the timing for the new aromatics plants will be crucial, especially as new downstream derivative plants start up and whether idle plants resume operations. This outlook report highlights the key themes to look out for across Asia in 2017.

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Surging coking coal costs a boon for scrap prices?

Published October 2016

This report examines the impact of rising coking coal prices out of Australia on the Turkish market for imported scrap.

2016 - A tale of two metals

Published October 2016

This report provides a market overview on the non-ferrous metals market.

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Anatomy of a price spike: Sugar's big move laid bare

Published September 2016

Friday, September 16, 2016. A day in which bulls and bears watched as the New York number 11 ruthlessly set aside the will it, won’t it debate and posted its largest one day price surge in over five years. When prices move in such a dramatic fashion in a sector as nuanced as sugar, there’s rarely one factor at play. As the upward move took hold, the industry put forward a number of theories and kneejerk factors that could explain such a charge.

The China corn problem: What will the country do with its strategic reserves?

Published September 2016

While it had been limping along for a while, China's corn stockpiling policy was well and truly buried on March 28, 2016, when a senior official provided details of a new mechanism of "marketized purchases". Less than six months from the next harvest, and with a year's worth of production sitting in stockpiles, the news generated quite a buzz.

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