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Current Issue:

2013 Platts Global Energy Awards (online version) - 2014 Global Energy Outlook (PDF Version)

The 2014 Global Energy Outlook issue of Platts Insight covers this year's Platts Global Energy Awards winners Also the Platts editorial team will delve into the issues around increased US oil and gas production and its impact on global markets, the implications for OPEC’s role, where sustainability and climate initiatives are headed and the theme that remains – Natural Gas.

Platts Insight elaborates on key topics discussed at many of Platts’ conferences and in articles written by Platts’ distinguished editorial contributors and other recognized leaders in the field. Copies of this issue will be distributed to more than 10,000 industry professionals, including subscribers of selected Platts publications, such as Gas Daily, Nucleonics Week, Power in Europe, and International Coal Report.

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