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Houston (Platts)--17 Apr 2015 949 pm EDT/149 GMT
US rig counts continued to fall this week, although the pace of the decline has slowed, Baker Hughes data showed Friday, in the wake of other figures showing production growth is easing.
London (Platts)--17 Apr 2015 823 am EDT/1223 GMT
The takeover on Thursday by al-Qaida fighters of an oil terminal and an airport in the southern Yemen province of Hadramawt adds to the crisis currently besetting the Middle Eastern country, but changes little for an oil sector already brought almost to its knees by the ongoing conflict.
Lagos (Platts)--17 Apr 2015 556 am EDT/956 GMT
Nigeria's main fuel marketers said late Thursday the government has yet to fulfill its pledge to settle Naira 60 billion ($315 million) in unpaid subsidy for gasoline imported in previous quarters, warning that this could cut supply and trigger a fuel shortage.
Singapore (Platts)--17 Apr 2015 212 am EDT/612 GMT
Demand for imported straight-run fuel oil feedstock from teapot refineries in China's Shandong province failed to pick-up this week, as procurement costs were still much higher compared to the other feedstock, petroleum bitumen blend, industry sources said Thursday, April 16.
Houston (Platts)--16 Apr 2015 422 pm EDT/2022 GMT
Kinder Morgan's Palmetto Pipeline remains on track to start shipments in July 2017 despite having rerouted the line so that it no longer traverses a revolutionary war battlefield.
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Natural Gas

Vancouver, British Columbia (Platts)--17 Apr 2015 941 pm EDT/141 GMT
Drilling for feedstock gas will need to be ramped up significantly to support LNG projects planned in British Columbia, industry officials said Thursday at the 3rd annual Canadian LNG Exports Conference in Vancouver.
Tokyo (Platts)--17 Apr 2015 720 am EDT/1120 GMT
The Platts JKM for June ended the Asian trading week at $6.875/MMBtu on Friday, unchanged after rolling to the new front month on Thursday, as the gap between offers and bids remained wide.
London (Platts)--17 Apr 2015 722 am EDT/1122 GMT
Whether European gas hubs can develop their spot and curve liquidity depends on the ability of the markets to have clear balancing rules, simple licensing agreements and transparent data from transmission system operators, according to Didier Magne, head of European gas trading for Trailstone UK.
Houston (Platts)--16 Apr 2015 416 pm EDT/2016 GMT
NYMEX May natural gas futures settled 7.4 cents higher at $2.684/MMBtu Thursday on apparent short covering, sources said, despite a bearish government storage report that showed an inventory build above expectations.
London (Platts)--16 Apr 2015 833 am EDT/1233 GMT
UK NBP wholesale gas prices were looking stable Thursday morning compared with Wednesday's close as warmer-than-average temperatures continue to limit demand and counter the impact of reduced production during Norway's summer maintenance period.
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Electric Power

Birmingham, Alabama (Platts)--17 Apr 2015 943 pm EDT/143 GMT
Maryland on Friday proposed emergency regulations to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions from the state's coal-fired plants during the coming summer.
London (Platts)--17 Apr 2015 944 am EDT/1344 GMT
UK prompt power prices were stable on Friday, while contracts on the forward curve moved in line with the UK NBP gas market, sources said.
Portland, Maine (Platts)--16 Apr 2015 415 pm EDT/2015 GMT
Energy efficiency savings lowered New England's wholesale electricity prices by 24% in the winter of 2014, according to a report released Thursday by the Acadia Center, an energy advocacy group.
London (Platts)--16 Apr 2015 859 am EDT/1259 GMT
German day-ahead power prices rose further Thursday as solar power was forecast lower after reaching a record 25 GW Wednesday, sources said.
Washington (Platts)--15 Apr 2015 515 pm EDT/2115 GMT
Three bills were introduced in the US Senate on Wednesday "aimed at improving the safety and security of decommissioning reactors and the storage of spent nuclear fuel," the bills' sponsors said in a statement.
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Houston (Platts)--17 Apr 2015 935 pm EDT/135 GMT
A couple of CSX Q3 2015 futures contracts traded Friday in the US thermal coal market along with a physical deal for May delivery of the Powder River Basin 8,800 Btu/lb contract, but it was a mostly quiet day as some brokers and traders reportedly got an early start to the weekend.
London (Platts)--17 Apr 2015 726 am EDT/1126 GMT
* Climate-change fee would hit lignite plants most
Brisbane (Platts)--17 Apr 2015 724 am EDT/1124 GMT
Whitehaven Coal's production from its Australian mines over January-March reached 4.14 million mt of saleable coal, a whopping 85% increase year on year, the company announced in its quarterly report released Friday.
Houston (Platts)--16 Apr 2015 416 pm EDT/2016 GMT
Weekly US coal production totaled an estimated 18 million st in the week ended April 11, up 3.5% from the prior week but down 7.6% from the year-ago week, the Energy Information Administration said Thursday.
Beijing (Platts)--16 Apr 2015 539 am EDT/939 GMT
Two of China's largest coal producers -- Shenhua Group and Datong Coal Mining Group -- plan to revive their thermal coal exports to overseas customers, senior managers of the two companies said Thursday at the 13th Coaltrans China conference in Beijing.
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London (Platts)--17 Apr 2015 727 am EDT/1127 GMT
Bunker fuel oil loadings and deliveries have been disrupted due to stormy weather in Novorossiisk, traders said Friday.
London (Platts)--16 Apr 2015 835 am EDT/1235 GMT
The cost of sending 30,000 mt dirty product and fuel oil cargoes from the Baltic Sea to the UK Continent has fallen to the lowest level in almost six months because of a lack of charterer inquiries in the Baltic and UKC regions.
Houston (Platts)--16 Apr 2015 528 am EDT/928 GMT
The price of high sulfur bunker fuel in the port of Montevideo, Uruguay, rose Wednesday to its highest premium over the same product in the competing port of Buenos Aires, Argentina, since February, based on Platts assessments. In Montevideo, IFO 380 was assessed at $434.50/mt delivered, $4.50 higher than Tuesday, due to stronger fuel oil prices, a lack of product and firm demand.
London (Platts)--15 Apr 2015 726 am EDT/1126 GMT
Delivered HSFO bunker fuel premiums in Rotterdam dipped to a three-week low on ample availability and weak demand from shipowners, sources said.
London (Platts)--14 Apr 2015 959 am EDT/1359 GMT
At least 1.35 million mt of high sulfur fuel oil has loaded or is due to load in Rotterdam this month as participants eye an economic arbitrage movement to Singapore and despite a dearth of VLCCs.
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Houston (Platts)--17 Apr 2015 937 pm EDT/137 GMT
A series of constraints throughout the logistical chain have slowed US polyethylene exports and made it increasingly difficult for traders to secure resin from producers, market sources said this week.
London (Platts)--17 Apr 2015 825 am EDT/1225 GMT
The CIF Northwest European naphtha physical cargoes flipped to a contango of 25 cents/mt to the CIF NWE naphtha front-month swap from a $3.25/mt backwardation Wednesday as an oversupply of light virgin naphtha and a lack of buying interest from end-users in Northwest Europe put pressure on cash differentials.
Singapore (Platts)--17 Apr 2015 456 am EDT/856 GMT
Margins for non-integrated Asian styrene monomer producers widened to an 18-month high Thursday, April 16, due to low stocks in China's domestic market, rising downstream demand and South Korean plant turnarounds.
London (Platts)--16 Apr 2015 543 am EDT/943 GMT
Northwest European styrene monomer May prices have surged $120/mt week on week, as supply tightness spilled over from April and collapsed the backwardation between the months, sources said.
Tokyo (Platts)--16 Apr 2015 543 am EDT/943 GMT
Asia's ethylene-naphtha spread has widened to a nine-year high of $845.25/mt Wednesday, as tight supplies drove ethylene prices higher.
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Pittsburgh (Platts)--17 Apr 2015 933 pm EDT/133 GMT
Offer prices for hot-rolled coil from mills were heard in a narrower range, as lot size was not significantly influencing prices, buyers said Friday.
London (Platts)--17 Apr 2015 826 am EDT/1226 GMT
Market prices for 226, Europe's key grade of aluminum alloy, have continued to firm this week as demand remains exceptionally strong.
Tokyo (Platts)--17 Apr 2015 446 am EDT/846 GMT
Japanese spot high-carbon ferrochrome import prices fell this week on dull demand, leading to a pick-up in spot demand among bargain hunters.
Louisville, Kentucky (Platts)--16 Apr 2015 456 pm EDT/2056 GMT
Aluminum manufacturer Constellium is ramping up a newly completed $40 million expansion at its customized automotive parts plant in Van Buren, Michigan, a company official said Thursday.
Sao Paulo (Platts)--16 Apr 2015 418 pm EDT/2018 GMT
Spot prices for domestic flat steel products in Brazil are unchanged in mid-April, but some discounts have been achieved in recent days, distributors said Thursday.
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Houston (Platts)--17 Apr 2015 939 pm EDT/139 GMT
The estimated production margin for a typical US Midwest dry-mill ethanol plant for the week ended Friday moved up 1.34 cents, or 2.26%, to a four-month high of 60.69 cents/gal, a review of US Department of Agriculture and Platts data showed.
London (Platts)--16 Apr 2015 949 am EDT/1349 GMT
India's sugar production forecast for 2014-15 was raised to 27 million mt, up 2% from a previous mid-March forecast, the Indian Sugar Mills Association said Thursday.
London (Platts)--16 Apr 2015 901 am EDT/1301 GMT
The EU issued 66,514 mt of sugar import licenses during the week started April 6 under EPA-EBA agreements, down 1.678 mt from the week before, the European Commission said Thursday.
London (Platts)--15 Apr 2015 428 pm EDT/2028 GMT
The biofuels industry must "pivot" in its approach on the food versus fuel debate, energy security and indirect land use change (ILUC) if it is to encourage greater support for its aims of proliferation and development, Kevin McGeeney, CEO of biofuels broker StarSupply, said Wednesday.
Geneva (Platts)--15 Apr 2015 558 am EDT/958 GMT
European Biodiesel Board Secretary General Raffaello Garofalo said Wednesday that the renewable fuels industry needs public support to compete properly in the road fuel sector.
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