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Singapore (Platts)--24 Nov 2015 1025 pm EST/325 GMT
South Korea's private stocks of oil products fell 4.9% year on year to 56.38 million barrels in October on the back of solid domestic demand, data from state-run Korea National Oil Corp.
Washington (Platts)--24 Nov 2015 700 pm EST/000 GMT
When it returns next week, the US House is expected to take up a broad energy infrastructure bill which may include as many as 80 different amendments, mandating everything from an end to crude oil export limits to a long-range plan for sales from the Strategic Petroleum reserve to a repeal of the Renewable Fuel Standard.
Houston (Platts)--24 Nov 2015 624 pm EST/2324 GMT
The Trans-Atlantic gasoline arbitrage reopened Tuesday on the heels of stronger prices in both the Northwest Europe and US East Coast markets.
London (Platts)--24 Nov 2015 707 am EST/1207 GMT
Urals differentials versus the Dated Brent market jumped in both the Mediterranean and Northwest Europe in European trading Tuesday after the full provisional December loading program for the Black Sea port of Novorossiisk proved to be the shortest in more than four years.
Singapore (Platts)--24 Nov 2015 259 am EST/759 GMT
The Singapore cracking margin against Dubai crude rose to $7.46/b Monday, its widest in 32 months, supported by firmer light distillate cracks and weaker crude, Platts data showed.
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Natural Gas

London (Platts)--24 Nov 2015 718 pm EST/018 GMT
Fossil fuel companies risk wasting up to $2.2 trillion in the next decade by pursuing projects that could be uneconomic in the face of international action to limit climate change, UK-based financial think-tank Carbon Tracker Initiative said Tuesday.
Houston (Platts)--24 Nov 2015 130 pm EST/1830 GMT
A consensus of analysts surveyed by Platts expects the US Energy Information Administration on Wednesday will estimate a natural gas storage injection of between 4 Bcf and 8 Bcf for the reporting week that ended November 20.
Kiev, Ukraine (Platts)--24 Nov 2015 712 am EST/1212 GMT
Ukraine will not import Russian natural gas through the end of the year due to weaker domestic demand and sufficient gas reserves, Energy and Coal Industry Minister Volodymyr Demchyshyn said Monday.
Singapore (Platts)--24 Nov 2015 601 am EST/1101 GMT
Thailand's state-owned buyer PTT has deferred the delivery of a tendered LNG cargo until early December because of low downstream consumption, an informed source said Tuesday.
Bogota (Platts)--23 Nov 2015 344 pm EST/2044 GMT
Colombia in January will begin importing 39 MMcf/d of natural gas from neighboring Venezuela to meet domestic needs, ending decades of natural gas self sufficiency, the head of Ecopetrol said Monday.
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Electric Power

Washington (Platts)--24 Nov 2015 128 pm EST/1828 GMT
The daily spot price of uranium was $36/lb U3O8 Monday, unchanged from November 16 and November 9, as buyers continue to show only tepid interest in buying material, according to price reporting company TradeTech.
London (Platts)--24 Nov 2015 821 am EST/1321 GMT
UK day-ahead power prices fell sharply Tuesday, extending Monday's losses as steady demand amid mild weather conditions and stable wind power forecasts weakened the prompt market.
Portland, Maine (Platts)--23 Nov 2015 408 pm EST/2108 GMT
In a major development for Western energy markets, NV Energy, Nevada's largest utility, will begin participating in the region's energy imbalance market on December 1.
London (Platts)--23 Nov 2015 843 am EST/1343 GMT
French intra-day power prices spiked Monday after a company note said EDF workers would join a planned anti-austerity strike five hours earlier than initially stated, at 16:00 local time (1500 GMT).
Houston (Platts)--20 Nov 2015 551 pm EST/2251 GMT
Mexico will hold its first-ever electricity power auction in March, according to the country's National Center for Energy Control, or CENACE.
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Houston (Platts)--23 Nov 2015 353 pm EST/2053 GMT
Bowie Resource Partners will become the US' largest Western bituminous coal producer following a deal with Peabody Energy, according to the company.
Singapore (Platts)--23 Nov 2015 340 am EST/840 GMT
Coal stocks at 17 major Indian ports totaled 11.52 million mt as of November 20, down 4.1% week on week, according to data released Friday by Indian ship broker Interocean.
Houston (Platts)--20 Nov 2015 533 pm EST/2233 GMT
US Central Appalachian coal producers and brokers are still hoping some kind of thermal spot market will develop with winter approaching, but many in the industry said this week they aren't holding out much hope.
Perth (Platts)--19 Nov 2015 513 am EST/1013 GMT
Dalrymple Bay coal terminal's exports to India slumped dramatically in October to just 266,700 mt compared with 873,500 mt in September and an on-month decline of 228%, according to shipping data for the Australian terminal released Thursday.
Houston (Platts)--18 Nov 2015 520 pm EST/2220 GMT
Coal shipment volumes originated on US railroads were slightly up from the previous week but still subdued, Association of American Railroads data showed Wednesday.
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Mexico City (Platts)--24 Nov 2015 702 pm EST/002 GMT
The Mexican ports Pajaritos and Dos Bocas, both on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, reopened to shipping late Tuesday after being shut Monday due to bad weather, the Ministry of Communications and Transportation said.
Copenhagen (Platts)--24 Nov 2015 822 am EST/1322 GMT
Norwegian dry bulk carrier Golden Ocean said Tuesday it expected the market to remain difficult for the next 6-12 months, not least because of slowing Chinese economic growth, as it posted a bigger third-quarter loss year on year.
London (Platts)--23 Nov 2015 348 pm EST/2048 GMT
A shipment of ethanol from Brazil left Santos on November 21 and is due to land in Dunkirk, France December 7, according to Platts' trade flow software cFlow.
London (Platts)--23 Nov 2015 847 am EST/1347 GMT
Supramax shipowners are bracing for a tough finale to a disappointing year as limping grain and petcoke trade in the Atlantic fails to support the monstrous weight of available tonnage.
London (Platts)--20 Nov 2015 825 am EST/1325 GMT
Three VLCC fixtures to lift Forties crude from Hound Point, Scotland, in recent days could hit Aframax freight rates in the North Sea in coming weeks, shipbrokers said Friday.
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Singapore (Platts)--25 Nov 2015 112 am EST/612 GMT
Some polymer traders in China are re-exporting their spot imported LDPE and LLDPE cargoes in a bid to clear inventory in the face of weak domestic demand, sources said Wednesday.
Houston (Platts)--24 Nov 2015 658 pm EST/2358 GMT
The US styrene-benzene spread narrowed as it remained below $200/mt, assessed at $161.07/mt Tuesday, down $19.52 on the week, according to Platts data.
London (Platts)--24 Nov 2015 129 pm EST/1829 GMT
European methanol traders were not confident the surge in Rhine water depth seen this week would be sustainable and help alleviate supply length hemmed in the Rotterdam hub after levels eased again Tuesday.
Singapore (Platts)--23 Nov 2015 1107 pm EST/407 GMT
Margins for non-integrated styrene monomer producers in Asia shrank to their narrowest in 11 months Monday due to firm feedstock ethylene and tumbling SM market amid weak demand season in the fourth quarter.
Houston (Platts)--23 Nov 2015 351 pm EST/2051 GMT
Shintech will raise its liquid caustic soda prices by $40/dry short ton effective immediately or as contract terms allow, the company said Monday in a notice to customers.
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London (Platts)--24 Nov 2015 133 pm EST/1833 GMT
Although the preference for Australian over US coal continues, US high vol B is still holding its own in the market.
London (Platts)--24 Nov 2015 132 pm EST/1832 GMT
Alcoa has entered into a three-and-a-half-year agreement with New York state to increase the competitiveness of its Massena West smelter, previously been earmarked for shutdown, the US lightweight metals producer said Tuesday.
London (Platts)--24 Nov 2015 131 pm EST/1831 GMT
Turkish export ferrous scrap saw a small decrease on Tuesday as a quiet market pressured against steady offer levels.
London (Platts)--24 Nov 2015 825 am EST/1325 GMT
The premium of gold over platinum has moved to its largest on record, at around $240/oz, as platinum becomes increasingly detached from gold and some investors look to take advantage, sources said Tuesday.
London (Platts)--24 Nov 2015 714 am EST/1214 GMT
Seaborne iron ore prices reached a new historic low Tuesday as the Platts 62% Fe Iron Ore Index, or IODEX, lost $0.75/dmt on the day to reach $44/dmt CFR North China.
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Santos (Platts)--24 Nov 2015 126 pm EST/1826 GMT
Brazilian hydrous fuel ethanol demand in October rose 45% year on year to 1.75 billion liters, the fourth monthly consumption record in a row, according to data released by the National Petroleum Agency, or ANP.
London (Platts)--24 Nov 2015 824 am EST/1324 GMT
RED RME production margins in Northwest Europe remain in negative territory as the premium fell to a one-month low Monday, while feedstock prices in Europe remain strong on low availability.
Singapore (Platts)--24 Nov 2015 504 am EST/1004 GMT
China's ethanol imports in October fell from an all-time high in September, as inflows of fuel-grade denatured ethanol slid by nearly 70% even as the undenatured industrial grade posted an uptick in incoming volumes.
Houston (Platts)--23 Nov 2015 350 pm EST/2050 GMT
When Congress announced the US Renewable Fuel Standard a decade ago the aim was to combat the growing need for foreign oil as well as increase the production and promotion of clean, renewable biofuels. As 2016 approaches, and the Environmental Protection Agency is days away from the updated renewable volume obligations (RVO) for 2014, 2015, and 2016, the landscape that led to these implementations has changed considerably.
Santos, Brazil (Platts)--23 Nov 2015 950 am EST/1450 GMT
The amount of sugarcane crushed in Brazil's Parana state in the first 15 days of November was down 31% year on year to 1.61 million mt, the Bioenergy Producers Association of Parana (Alcopar) said.
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