US House Republicans make debt-limit offer, government still unfunded

Washington (Platts)--10 Oct 2013 252 pm EDT/1852 GMT

Republicans in the US House of Representatives said Thursday they would be willing to extend the nation's debt limit temporarily to give time for negotiations with President Barack Obama and Democrats over budget issues.

But their announcement does not include a continuing resolution to reopen the government, which put in danger several key government functions, including the Energy Information Administration's data-collection activities.

The EIA has previously said it only had enough funding to continue issuing its key energy data reports through Friday. EIA spokesman Jonathan Cogan said he expects to have information on what happens next week sometime Friday.

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Republican House leaders will meet with Obama at the White House later Thursday to discuss their offer. While leaders did not specifically disclose the length of the extension, reports have indicated it would be for six weeks. The country is set to reach its debt limit next week.

After a meeting of the Republican House caucus, Majority Leader Eric Cantor, Republican-Virginia, said the temporary extension of the debt ceiling would be offered "in exchange for a real commitment to sit down and talk about the pressing problems facing all the American people."

Asked if Republicans were ready to end the government shutdown, which is in its 10th day, the chamber's top Republican, House Speaker John Boehner of Ohio, replied, "that's a conversation we're going to have with the president today."

--Gary Gentile,
--Edited by Valarie Jackson,

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