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An Introduction to Platts Market On Close: Video

About Platts Market On Close

This educational video explains Platts Market On Close (MOC) in petroleum, the process Platts editors use to monitor the market, gather and assess market data, and publish price assessments for physical crude oil, petroleum products and related swaps and petrochemicals.

The MOC approach to methodology operates on the principle that price is a function of time. The MOC is a structured, highly transparent process in which bids, offers and transactions are communicated to Platts editors and published in real-time throughout the day until the market close. Following the close, Platts editors examine the data gathered with respect to Platts’ stated methodology and specification guidelines, and publish price assessments that reflect the end-of-day spot value.

The MOC price discovery process was launched by Platts in Asia in 1992, in Europe in 2002, and in North America in 2006, and is now used by Platts editors in Singapore, London, New York and Houston in dozens of markets.

In addition to viewing the video, learn more by reading this print Introduction to Platts Market-on-Close Price Assessment Process in Petroleum , and explore the Platts website at for more information about Platts, its long history in developing price assessment processes, and other detailed information about Platts’ full range of products and services in energy, petrochemicals and metals.

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