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Natural Gas Methodology and Specifications

Clearly defined and transparent methodologies are the backbone of Platts’ price assessment processes. Platts’ methodologies provide detailed descriptions and explanations of how we assess the market value of commodities so that customers and other interested parties understand those processes. In this section, we post documentation by commodity and region for all published price assessments and indices.

North American Natural Gas Markets Methodology

(as of November 2014)

European Natural Gas Methodology

(as of August 2014)

Shale Value Chain

(as of May 2014)

M2MS – Gas Methodology

(as of January 2014)

Platts-ICE Forward Curve -- Natural Gas (North America)

(as of January 2014)

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Assessments and Netbacks Methodology

(as of May 2013)

Spark Spreads Methodology

(as of March 2012)


Platts European Gas Daily: code list

(as of July 2014)

Platts Gas Daily: code list

(as of June 2013)

Related Material

Liquidity in North American Monthly Gas Markets

(as of November 2014)

2014 daily gas survey calendar

(as of November 2014)

2014 monthly bidweek calender

(as of November 2014)

2013 daily gas survey calendar

2013 monthly bidweek calender

2012 daily gas survey calendar

2012 monthly bidweek calender

2011 daily gas survey calendar

European Power -- Frequently Asked Questions (currently being updated)

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