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News & Data Feature: PCI-Thermal Coal Switch

August 04, 2015
The downtrend in pulverized coal injection prices over the last three months has opened up an opportunity for PCI to displace high calorific value thermal coal for use as coal-fired boiler feedstock.
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Barriers to thermal coal usage
The instances are far and few, with market participants citing VM and crucible swelling number specifications in PCI as the most crucial barriers to a straight forward switch to PCI.
PCI-thermal coal switch: A short-lived trend?
Over the last four years, opportunities for PCI producers to sell into the thermal coal market have been scant.

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US met coal buyers talk up import possibilities in 2016
London (Platts)--4 Aug 2015 417 pm EDT/2017 GMT
The US met coal market's beleaguered miners are battling for a share of a smaller domestic cokemaking pie, while some US buyers are talking about utilizing imports in 2016 as lower seaborne prices increase arbitrage trade.
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July 22, 2015
Banks are continuing to adjust their roles in commodity trading, including for oil, natural gas, metals, iron ore, freight and more. What does it mean for markets?
June 03, 2015
One firm has embraced coal gasification and, in the midst of the 'coaldrums,' has reported a huge rise in income. Platts' Ross McCracken has more.
May 22, 2015
Pope Francis is set to weigh in on the climate change debate in what has already caused a considerable buzz, even before the message has been released.
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Coal gasification: Could it lift the industry out of the 'coaldrums'?

July 07, 2015 (10:06)

Platts editors discuss some of the more innovative methods some coal producers are using to manage ever challenging market conditions, focusing on underground coal gasification (UCG).

Price Focus

India's 21 major ports imported around 19.38 million mt of coal in, down 7.3% from November, data released late Friday by IndianInterocean showed. The December imports included 15.22 million mt of thermal coal, down 9.6%November, and 4.16 million mt of coking coal, up 2.6% compared to the previous month.


CAPP coal producers struggle to stay afloat, search for new normal
July 22, 2015 - Some bigger Central Appalachia coal producers may be running out of time and money. The bankruptcies, restructurings, closures, sales and delistings are the here and now, but what will be the future?
New thermal coal export tax looms for miners in Indonesia
July 09, 2015 - Platts Asian coal team explains Indonesia's newly proposed export tax and its impact on thermal coal miners.
Richards Bay 6,000 NAR market faces trading changes, slips to 6-year lows
July 03, 2015 - Assessing recent changes in trading on the globalCOAL screen, as well as factors that have led to coal price decreases to near six-year lows.
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