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Feature: US Election 2016 and Trump administration

January 20, 2017
President Donald Trump's picks for his Cabinet appear to back up his campaign pledges to boost US oil and gas production and streamline infrastructure approvals.
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Perry praises US DOE research, makes no promises on reported Trump budget cuts
US Secretary of Energy nominee Rick Perry said Thursday he would protect the research budgets for climate science, renewable energy, fossil fuels and other programs, but he had no insight into President-elect Donald Trump's reported plans to slash major offices within the agency.
Federal headwinds buffer offshore wind projects
Even before a Trump administration takes office, federal headwinds are impeding offshore wind generation progress on the East Coast, but New York may come to the rescue with a power purchase agreement tentatively slated for a vote this month.

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Portland, Maine (Platts)--23 Jan 2017 552 pm EST/2252 GMT
California regulators are proposing to expand efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions, partly by extending the state's cap-and-trade program, which is set to end in 2020.
Warsaw (Platts)--23 Jan 2017 824 am EST/1324 GMT
The proposed limit on CO2 emissions in the EU's 'Winter Package' is 'unacceptable' to Poland, which is dependent on coal and lignite for most of its electricity generation, Piotr Naimski, the government's adviser on strategic energy infrastructure said late Friday.
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Platts Snapshot

Five commodity themes to watch closely in 2017

2016-12-22 09:27:08 EST

Against the dramatic political and economic surprises of 2016, S&P Global Platts President Martin Fraenkel lays out his five themes to focus on in commodity markets in 2017.


January 24, 2017
After years of steady price declines, European power markets are dancing to a lively tune of nuclear outages, low wind and spiky Winter demand. Will prices rebalance once the current capacity squeeze is over?
January 18, 2017
Wholesale electric power prices in the US are starting 2017 by ticking upward, lifted by firmer natural gas prices, which overall has caused coal generation to take some of gas generation’s share in the overall fuel mix.
December 09, 2016
S&P Global Platts editors on how coal plant capacity in NWE is set to fall at least 30% to under 54 GW by 2025, and who benefits most from capacity mechanisms.
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UK day-ahead power contracts rose March 21 amid stable power demand as forecasts for falling wind and solar power generation tightened surplus margins, sources said.

The Barrel Blog

January 20, 2017
We consider commodity prices during President Barack Obama's tenure and will track how they change during President Donald Trump's time in office.
December 23, 2016
Holiday lights add a significant additional level of electricity demand during the start of winter when cold weather is already driving up load.
November 17, 2016
Many comments made during European Utility Week in Barcelona this week would make a gas producer’s blood run cold. Ross McCracken explains.
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