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French gas and power markets analysis

November 14, 2014 (7:06)

William Powell analyzes the impact of mild weather conditions on France's gas and power markets ion October; the forecast for Local Distribution Zone demand for gas; and the effect of nuclear power worker strikes on power prices.

Global LNG Update Feature

November 19, 2014
LNG and a "truly integrated energy market in Europe" are keys to providing security of supply in Europe, a US government official said in a phone briefing.
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Brazil LNG backlog due to moves to ensure Northeast supply
A growing queue of LNG carriers offshore in north-eastern Brazil is likely.
BC sets electric power rates for LNG projects
British Columbia officials on November 4 announced they have set rates for LNG projects to connect to BC Hydro's electrical grid.

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Biomass: Industrial wood pellet market in grip of currency issue
October 30, 2014
Euro weakness against the US dollar has caused European generators to source their spot wood pellets from local suppliers rather than from the US.
Will US coal be left out in the cold this winter?
August 21, 2014
Platts editor Andrew Moore explains how prices for Powder River Basin and Central Appalachian coal didn't react quite as expected this winter, and now transportation issues are compounding issues for utilities.
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The Barrel Blog

October 23, 2014
A fire broke out October 19 at the UK's Didcot B gas-fired power station, in the latest of a series of unexpected problems that have considerably tightened the margin of spare supply available to the country's electricity market this winter.
September 26, 2014
Among the many brilliant and baffling woodcuts by the Dutch artist MC Escher is a depiction of what appears to be a triangle made of three sections of wood, which is in fact an impossible construct owing to the way the joints appear to fit together.
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Houston (Platts)--24 Nov 2014 357 pm EST/2057 GMT
The percent of US electricity generated by coal in 2020 would likely drop to 22%, with a decline in coal prices to follow as a result, according to a study of the cumulative impact of the US Environmental Protection Agency's Clean Power Plan and its other environmental programs.
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