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April 29, 2016
With oversupply, low prices, lack of liquidity and low demand from utilities uranium, market participants have little to no expectation of market conditions improving.
March 29, 2016
The global nuclear industry is spending $47 billion on safety enhancements mandated after the nuclear accident at Fukushima revealed weaknesses in plant protection from earthquakes and flooding.
March 18, 2016
The thermal coal market for China now has to contend with a rival: a low-cost source of power generation that is growing each year.
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Washington (Platts)--5 May 2016 731 pm EDT/2331 GMT
An Exelon-PJM Interconnection program that reduces off-peak output at some of its economically challenged Illinois nuclear power units when the grid becomes congested is unlikely to be significantly expanded, an Exelon official said Thursday.
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Feature: Mexico Energy

Mexico's first-ever power capacity auction suffered a setback March 30 when an erroneous winning bid was disqualified from preliminary results, which caused the need for a rerun that yielded different winners.
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US gas exports to Mexico set record in January
Data released by the EIA in March showed that US exports to Mexico reached a new high in January, highlighting the continued strength of the Mexico market and pointing to another strong year for exports in 2016.

Platts Snapshot video

Platts' evolving regulatory engagements around commodity benchmarks

March 31, 2016 (4:16)

Platts is working to protect its ability to continue to be the leading independent voice observing the world's commodity markets while simultaneously understanding regulatory concerns and objectives.

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UK day-ahead power contracts rose March 21 amid stable power demand as forecasts for falling wind and solar power generation tightened surplus margins, sources said.


The EU's nuclear option: white elephant or essential low carbon generation?
April 15, 2016
- With far-reaching changes in the EU power market design looming, and European baseload power prices heading for new lows, does nuclear have a long-term future in the EU's energy mix?
Stephen Burns, chairman, Nuclear Regulatory Commission
January 12, 2016
- Stephen Burns, chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, discussed the future of US nuclear power in the wake of the Fukushima I nuclear accident.
New EU derivatives market legislation to add billions to commodity traders' costs
October 21, 2015
- Much to the dismay of companies across the oil, power, gas, and agriculture sectors, the EU's new Markets in Financial Instruments legislation (MiFID II) is a policy that could add billions to cost of trading commodities.
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This statement of methodology for Platts' North American electricity includes detailed information on the submission of price data from market participants, the formation of indexes and assessments, and the publication of index-related information, including volumes and deal counts.

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