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March 06, 2014 (13:00 mins)
John Kingston and Starr Spencer discuss some of the hottest shale plays in the US. Rig count is going down, but with new technology, efficiency is going up in many shale plays and horizontal drilling is being introduced in more areas.
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Russian M100 fuel oil demand falls as Chinese teapot refiners turn to residual, wax oil
Singapore (Platts)--24 Apr 2014 352 am EDT/752 GMT
Demand for Russian M100 fuel oil -- a major cracking feedstock at "teapot" refineries in eastern China's Shandong province -- remained thin this week, as refiners turn to residual oil and wax oil as alternatives, market sources said Wednesday.
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India's energy policy impacted by elections
April 23, 2014 - Mriganka Jaipuriyar and Song Yen Ling discuss how India's upcoming election is shaping the country's oil and gas exploration policies.
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Recent US gasoline strength and the prospects of European gasoline arbitrages
April 16, 2014 - USAC is the traditional outlet for Europe's long gasoline market, but an open arbitrage has been unable to translate to bullish fundamentals.
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What are the long term prospects for gas globally?
April 15, 2014 - Assessing the prospects for gas prices globally and how, if at all, developments in Ukraine will affect the global gas picture.
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Prospect of Libyan oil ports reopening; the changing ICE Gasoil futures contract
April 11, 2014 - Discussing an agreement in Libya which could lead to oil ports reopening; the latest move by ICE to change the specification of its Gasoil futures contract.
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RINs eerily calm ahead of imminent storm
After exploding onto the scene and becoming one of the most volatile commodities on the planet in 2013, those once-pesky biofuels RINs have been strangely subdued. The calm before the storm is especially peculiar alongside a rapidly growing confidence that the storm is imminent.
The future of the oil business is in the hands of welders
There are many stories about terrible shortages of good welders qualified to meet the exacting demands of places like nuclear power plants, oil refineries and the oil sands.
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Shifting US crude flows
April 14, 2014
The ramp-up of US Midcontinent crude oil pipelines has led to more oil than ever moving from Cushing, Oklahoma, to the US Gulf Coast.
Feature - European Oil: Q1 in Review
April 10, 2014
Platts' European oil team provides in-depth commentary and pricing assessments for crude, diesel and several other oil products markets for the first quarter of 2014.
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Special Report: Can shale gale save the naphtha crackers?
According to a report from Platts unit Bentek, over the five-year period to 2016, the development of shale gas exploration in the United States is expected to increase natural gas liquids production by more than 40%. Jim Foster examines the how the changing dynamics of NGL product might play out for naphtha crackers.
New Crudes, New Markets
The US crude oil market is on the verge of enormous change. Extensive exploration and production activity in new various crude oil shale plays such as Eagle Ford and Bakken promise to boost domestic crude output for these new light sweet crudes (published February 2012).
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