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London (Platts)--5 May 2016 940 am EDT/1340 GMT
European gasoline blenders are offering out blending components rather than finished-grade gasoline on the back of a contango pricing structure in the gasoline market, industry sources said this week.
Singapore (Platts)--5 May 2016 247 am EDT/647 GMT
Premiums paid for Malaysia's Kimanis crude tumbled to a record low in Asia, as ample supply for loading in June coupled with weak middle distillate refining margins and a flow of arbitrage cargoes from the West weighed heavily on the light sweet grade, market participants said Thursday.
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May 02, 2016
In less than two months UK citizens will make one of their biggest political decisions in more than 40 years. How might this impact North Sea oil production?
April 25, 2016
OPEC counts 13 countries among its membership, but one of them has long reigned as a first among equals. Herman Wang reveals all.
April 20, 2016
There was much gnashing of teeth as Qatar's grand meeting of oil producers failed to reach agreement Sunday to freeze production at January levels.
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Feature: Mexico Energy

Mexico's proven hydrocarbon reserves fell to 10.24 billion boe in January, a drop of 22.2% from the 13.17 billion boe of a year earlier, the National Hydrocarbons Commission announced.
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Monterra Energy to build refined products line in Central Mexico
Mexico's Monterra Energy said March 17 it would build a refined products pipeline from the Mexican Gulf Coast port of Tuxpan to Central Mexico, becoming one of the first companies to invest in refined products infrastructure as part of Mexico's energy reforms.

Price Focus

US Gulf Coast sweet crude differentials can be mixed as opposing factors pull US crude oil economics in different directions, Platts data shows. While there may be the possibility of a crude oil output freeze by major OPEC and non-OPEC producers, US commercial crude oil stocks are high.

Oil Infographics

It could be argued that the history of oil is the history of the modern world. And Platts, a leading provider of analysis, news and prices for the industry, has played a significant role in this amazing story.

Of all the natural resources that have been used to build our world, surely oil is the most pervasive. We all know that oil provides the plastics in the computer we use, has driven revolutions in fashion, industry and transport, and even powers our homes. No one's life is untouched by this immense resource.


One oil industry, two opposing views and many reasons why crude prices move
May 02, 2016
- Mr. Bull and Mr. Bear have tea with their friends and debate how oil markets will be affected by crude production, demand, economic growth, finances and more.
Post-sanctions Iran's impact on OPEC and the global oil market
April 25, 2016
- Iran's planned post-sanctions oil production path is colliding with crude market realities, keeping the country's production and exports from ramping up to meet initial expectations.
Low oil prices having a chilling effect on Alaska's economy
April 18, 2016
- Oil revenues let Alaska cut dividend checks to its residents, but now oil prices are low and production is down. What kind of options does the state have to bolster its finances?
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The Asia Pacific and Middle East Refined Oil Products Guide contains the primary specifications and methodologies for Platts Asia Products assessments.

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