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February 09, 2016
The London Oil Forum's attendees were eager to share their thoughts about the global oil industry, including about supply, demand and prices.
February 09, 2016
The venerable M-grade, a benchmark in the gasoline trade for decades, soon would lose some of its influence under a change proposed by the nation’s largest pipeline.
February 08, 2016
International sanctions against Russia introduced in 2014 turned out not to be the bogeyman they first seemed to be. Rosemary Griffin explains.
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Platts Methodology Video

Platts launches new US crude assessments to reflect oil exports

February 08, 2016 (3:36)

Platts' Matt Cook and Luciano Battistini elaborate on a suite of new Platts assessments that debuted Feb. 8 to reflect the value of US crude oil and condensates that could be exported.

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Houston (Platts)--9 Feb 2016 634 pm EST/2334 GMT
Marine gasoil bunker fuel in Houston hit an all-time low Tuesday, as bunker fuel prices along the US Gulf Coast plummeted along with front-month Brent and NYMEX ULSD contracts.
London (Platts)--9 Feb 2016 927 am EST/1427 GMT
Vitol, the world's biggest independent oil trader, sees further downward pressure on global oil prices this year amid signs of weaker than expected demand for oil and as storage tanks fill to the brim.
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News Feature: OPEC Guide

September 25, 2015
OPEC's next meeting is just ten weeks away and, barring some unforeseen development, there's little sign of a policy change in the offing.
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A fresh start for Nigeria's oil industry?
When Muhammadu Buhari took power, he promised to investigate the disappearance of billions of dollars in oil and LNG income.
How will Iran's nuclear deal affect oil markets?
If finalized, the landmark nuclear deal will see the removal of sanctions that have drastically cut Iran's oil earnings.

Price Focus

US investment bank Goldman Sachs cut sharply Monday its forecasts for average oil prices in 2015 but said sliding US shale production could see the global oil market rebalance by the end of the year. Goldman said it expects Brent crude to average $50.40/b a barrel from $83.80/b, as global oil price continue to their rapid descent into near six-year lows. WTI is expected to average $47.15 a barrel, down from a previous forecast of $73.75/b, the bank said.

Oil Infographics

It could be argued that the history of oil is the history of the modern world. And Platts, a leading provider of analysis, news and prices for the industry, has played a significant role in this amazing story.

Of all the natural resources that have been used to build our world, surely oil is the most pervasive. We all know that oil provides the plastics in the computer we use, has driven revolutions in fashion, industry and transport, and even powers our homes. No one's life is untouched by this immense resource.


How financial flailings could affect the flood of US crude oil production
February 08, 2016
- What does it mean for American oil supply and the policies around the oil industry when US crude producers are losing billions of dollars?
European 0.1% gasoil price boosted by Russian supply cut
February 08, 2016
- Platts editors assess the recent change in gasoil flows from Russia, the main driver of the shortage which has pushed NWE gasoil physical premiums to a 3-year high.
When opening the door to US crude oil exports lets other grades in
February 01, 2016
- While American crude has started to trickle out on to the world market, cargoes of crude grades the US hasn’t seen in years are beginning to appear in domestic ports.
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The Asia Pacific and Middle East Refined Oil Products Guide contains the primary specifications and methodologies for Platts Asia Products assessments.

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