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The viability of Norway's Troll as a component grade in Dated Brent

2016-12-02 04:30:00 EST

S&P Global Platts video on the possibility of other grades of crude oil – particularly Troll – joining the basket making up the North Sea Dated Brent benchmark.

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Buenos Aires (Platts)--2 Dec 2016 526 pm EST/2226 GMT
Oil workers in one of Argentina's most productive basins will go on strike for 48 hours next week to protest a decision by state-run YPF to not return 33 rigs to the field, which could cost 1,700 jobs, union leaders said Friday.
London (Platts)--2 Dec 2016 837 am EST/1337 GMT
The Northwest European naphtha physical cargoes slumped to a 12-week low versus the front-month swap Thursday on ample supply and slow spot demand, with at least one prompt cargo reportedly struggling to find a home.
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The Barrel Blog

November 29, 2016
There are short-term incentives, under the pressure of summitry, to come up with something - anything! - but the underlying problems mean that any deal reached is unlikely to have much substance or longevity.
November 21, 2016
The way US E&P operators are adding rigs, planning activity ramp-ups, preparing to raise capex and looking forward to renewed production growth in 2017, you’d be tempted to write finis to a harrowing two-year industry downturn.
November 18, 2016
Nigeria, mired in some of its toughest battles yet to halt resurgent militancy in the oil-rich Niger Delta, is facing longer term threats to its oil wealth.
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Feature: US Election 2016

November 18, 2016
Asian refiners are hopeful that US President-elect Donald Trump's policies might boost US crude production and back out imports, leading to an increase in available crude supply halfway around the world. But, sources say, US crudes will remain an arbitrage choice and how much of it comes to Asia will depend on economics.
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Interview: As Trump wins, oil, agriculture and Russia are safer bets: Jim Rogers
For Jim Rogers, Trump's win in the US presidential election would mean that investors would most likely pile on to real assets, such as oil and agriculture, at least until clarity emerges on his economic policies.
Trump presidency seen as favorable for oilfield services sector: analysts
The election of Donald Trump should further help an already upturning domestic E&P sector through his backing of oil and gas development and potentially streamlining the permitting process on US federal lands, analysts said.

Price Focus

US Gulf Coast sweet crude differentials can be mixed as opposing factors pull US crude oil economics in different directions, Platts data shows. While there may be the possibility of a crude oil output freeze by major OPEC and non-OPEC producers, US commercial crude oil stocks are high.

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It could be argued that the history of oil is the history of the modern world. And Platts, a leading provider of analysis, news and prices for the industry, has played a significant role in this amazing story.

Of all the natural resources that have been used to build our world, surely oil is the most pervasive. We all know that oil provides the plastics in the computer we use, has driven revolutions in fashion, industry and transport, and even powers our homes. No one's life is untouched by this immense resource.


Phone a friend: OPEC calls for oil output cut with non-member assistance
December 01, 2016
- In a special episode of Capitol Crude, Brian Scheid calls former podcast co-host Herman Wang in Vienna to get the details of OPEC's historic decision to cut production.
SPIMEX’s Urals futures contract: A new benchmark for Russia?
November 30, 2016
- Will international players help SPIMEX's recently launched Urals crude oil futures contract become a benchmark for Russian oil?
All eyes on OPEC as oil producers hope for higher prices
November 28, 2016
- What are the best and worst scenarios from the upcoming OPEC meeting for Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Russia, the US and other crude producers?
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Asia Pacific and Middle East Refined Oil Products methodology

Published March 2016

The Asia Pacific and Middle East Refined Oil Products Guide contains the primary specifications and methodologies for Platts Asia Products assessments.

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