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Shippers reluctant to turn to LNG as fuel despite future standards

March 25, 2015 (3:48)

Platts LNG editors Desmond Wong and Luke Stobbart dive into the reluctance of ship owners to convert vessels to LNG.


High freight rates limit strengthening of West African crude prices
March 12, 2015
Platts editors shed some light on what impact recent changes in Suezmax and VLCC freight rates have had on the WAF crude oil market.
Conclusions from International Petroleum Week 2015 events in London
February 16, 2015
Platts editors examine IP Week events in London, the general mood amongst the delegates and the impact of recent crude oil price volatility on traders.
Keeping up with the Jones Act: the 'third rail' of US energy politics
February 16, 2015
Herman Wang and Brian Scheid explain how the oil industry is rife with controversial topics, but the "third rail" of US energy politics is the Jones Act.
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Bunker fuel prices collapse in Suez on arrival of fresh cargo
London (Platts)--27 Mar 2015 904 am EDT/1304 GMT
Bunker fuel oil prices at the Egyptian port of Suez collapsed Thursday, following the delivery of a fresh cargo of 380 CST fuel, sources said.
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February 12, 2015
New forecasts from OPEC and the IEA suggest that lower oil prices will have a significant impact on non-OPEC oil supply later this year.
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Oil prices dive as OPEC rolls over
Despite the push by some OPEC members for a crude output cut, it became clear that Saudi Arabia had no appetite for cutting production.The market would stabilize itself eventually, oil minister Ali Naimi said. Prices resumed their downward helter skelter as the meeting broke up.

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The Barrel Blog

January 27, 2015
The economic arguments for exporting US crude are fairly well-known. But the foreign policy benefits of exports are not as widely talked about.
January 23, 2015
To what extent will the fall in prices affect economic growth rates for Africa’s oil exporters, and what about government spending cutbacks?
January 09, 2015
The capsizing and sinking of the Bulk Jupiter, as well as the loss of all but one of the crew and marine insurers, serves as a stark reminder about the importance of following safety procedures and best practices in the handling and loading of dry bulk carriers.
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