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Market Data and Price Assessments
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Platts Market Data is the most efficient and reliable way to receive Platts benchmark electric power price assessments from around the globe.

The UDI World Electric Power Plants Database from Platts contains design data for more than 60,000 plants of all sizes and technologies.

Platts Data & Analysis lets you tap into our storehouse of energy market information to quickly find the precise answers your business requires.

North American Power Fundamental Dataset Subscriptions is delivered via Platts FTP site. You can conveniently and quickly access datasets with the click of a button and plug them into your back-office software or databases.

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Power in Europe provides commentary and analysis of developments and price movements in European electricity industry.

Platts Megawatt Daily provides the North American power market's leading source of daily news and price information including 34 daily on-peak indexes, 29 daily off-peak indexes, spark spreads, daily market commentary and generation unit outages.

Platts Nucleonics Week is the leading source of global news for the commercial nuclear power business.

Platts Energy Economist provides concise, monthly insight into the global coal, gas, oil, and power markets with particular emphasis on the cross-sectoral and long-term implications of current events and energy policy.

Platts Energy Trader provides comprehensive news and price coverage of both the natural gas and electricity markets in North America.

The international nuclear indu stry turns to one source for the latest news and information. Every other week, Inside NRC delivers news and insight used by industry professionals around the world to track developments in the nuclear power regulation area with a focus on the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Platts NuclearFuel is the only independent news service covering all aspects of the nuclear fuel cycle, around the world.

Platts UDI Directory of Electric Power Producers and Distributors provides comprehensive profiles of North American power companies including key financial and operational statistics.

Platts UDI International Electric Power Sourcebook helps you understand the electric power arena for countries in Europe, South America, and Asia, including country-level power statistics, and a directory of each power plant's key decision makers.

The UDI Combined-Cycle/Gas Turbine Data Set contains basic operating company designations, power plant location information, and unit equipment details for simple-cycle, combined-cycle, and gas turbine cogeneration plants worldwide.

Platts UDI Who's Who at Electric Power Plants helps you efficiently identify and target sales and marketing efforts in the North American power industry.

Maps and Geospatial
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This is the cornerstone of Platts award-winning, electric power suite of map products. It displays nearly 600 planned power generation projects and 88,000 miles of planned transmission projects in addition to comprehensive coverage of the existing transmission and generation landscape.

This map displays key information about existing and planned power plants in relation to the transmission grid and features nearly 1,900 operating plants and nearly 600 proposed/under construction plants.

This edition features comprehensive coverage of Canada and the United States featuring the latest planned or proposed projects with a detailed view of transmission line ownership, key operating and planned power plants and substations.

Plan and strategize around a complete view of the North American power generation system and view the retail service territories for all Investor-Owned Utilities (IOU) and 1,350 major non-investor owned and municipal utilities.

Platts GIS Data taps into our vast data repository to provide the industry-standard information you need to power your analysis for the North American and European electric power, natural gas, coal, and emissions markets.

Platts PowerVision provides a comprehensive single source for European power and gas market fundamentals.

The newly updated Electric Power System of Europe map presents the key components of the electric power generation and transmission system in more than 40 European countries.

Stay on top of one of the leading coal producing countries in the world. View over 350 existing and planned coal fired plants on this map as well as transportation routes and major ports.

Gain a comprehensive and worldwide view of key aspects of the energy industry such as the global interconnections of major shipping lanes, oil ports, refineries and LNG terminals. Explore the relationships between generation capacity, fuel types, and energy consumption.

Platts North American Electric Power System Navigator presents a new way of exploring the electric transmission, generation and distribution systems in a desktop mapping application.

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