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Real-Time News and Market Alerts
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Platts Metals Alert is the metal industry's leading real-time data feed service.

Market Data and Price Assessments
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Platts Market Data is the most efficient and reliable way to receive Platts benchmark metals price assessments from around the globe.

Platts Data & Analysis lets you tap into our storehouse of energy market information to quickly find the precise answers your business requires.

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Platts Metals Daily offers prices, news and analysis for the aluminum, copper and molybdenum value chains. It contains hundreds of metals prices across base, minor, light and precious metals assessed by editors globally.

Daily Briefing delivers the latest steel news and prices to your inbox , every working day of the year.

Platts Analytics China delivers a weekly roundup of the top news on the Chinese steel industry, with analytical focus.

Steel Raw Materials Monthly delivers a monthly analytical insight into the world's steel raw materials markets.

World Steel Review delivers a weekly roundup of the top news on the global steel industry.

The Steel Index delivers daily independent iron ore and scrap prices along with a leading iron ore index.

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