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Natural Gas- Market Data and Pricing Products


Real-Time News and Market Alerts
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Natural Gas Alert provides global coverage of the major natural gas and LNG markets, including real-time spot market transactions reported as deals are done and key end-of-day crude and product assessments.

Platts European Power Alert brings you real-time industry developments, price discovery, market commentary, plus vital cross-fuel comparisons and weather information.

Market Data and Price Assessments
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Platts Market Data is the most efficient and reliable way to receive Platts benchmark natural gas price assessments from around the globe.

Platts Data & Analysis lets you tap into our storehouse of energy market information to quickly find the precise answers your business requires.

North American Natural Gas Fundamental Dataset Subscriptions quickly downloads industry data — saving you time and ensuring you always have the most up-to-date data.

Custom Curves allow you to customize commodity risk data delivery to meet your business requirements. Create forward curves for any commodities and locations with spot or real-time price history, extend the tenors of our standard forward curves through quantitative methodologies, or tailor frequency of delivery according to your needs.

Independently and transparently produced, Platts M2MS-Gas extends editorially assessed forward curves with quantitative data for 79 key trading hubs in five regional packages. Ten-year curves are published daily and 20-year curves are published monthly.

The UDI World Electric Power Plants Database from Platts contains design data for more than 60,000 plants of all sizes and technologies.

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Platts Gas Daily offers the most detailed coverage of natural gas prices at interstate and intrastate pipeline and pooling points in major US markets.

Platts European Gas Daily provides the most accurate price assessments, the latest corporate, regulatory and commercial news, and the most comprehensive market commentary across Europe.

LNG Daily delivers respected price assessments for the major LNG markets, including the Japanese Korean Marker (JKM™) benchmark price assessment for spot physical cargoes delivered ex-ship into Japan and South Korea.

Platts Gas Market Report delivers weekly news on gas industry markets, delivering vital first-of-the-month gas prices for more than 40 pipeline locations and a number of key market centers

Platts Energy Trader provides comprehensive news and price coverage of both the natural gas and electricity markets in North America.

Platts International Gas Report delivers news and analysis of the whole gas chain, from the well-head to the burner tip, in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas, including gas transport, regulation and geopolitics.

Inside Energy is a weekly newsletter reporting on energy policy developments in the U.S. government and how policy decisions and implementation impact the production, delivery, and use of energy resources.

Platts Energy Economist provides concise, monthly insight into the global coal, gas, oil, and power markets with particular emphasis on the cross-sectoral and long-term implications of current events and energy policy.

Maps and Geospatial
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The North American Shale Plays 2013 wall map from Platts is the most comprehensive display of shale basins and plays on the market.

Experience a complete view of the natural gas system in the United States and Canada with this latest edition and understand gas transportation and storage options, and explore the latest generation & gas transmission projects.

Take a detailed look at the supply, transportation, and demand aspects of the evolving natural gas marketplace by showing gas transmission and key infrastructure along the pipelines. For the first time, this edition shows pipelines colored by company and sized diameter in order to help you trace a company’s presence from source to generator.

The North American Natural Gas Liquids, 2013 Edition wall map captures the North American NGL industry from the ground up. From the source-region, to the pipeline, to the processing plant, to the delivery terminal, all of the key structural components are represented in striking detail and with key industry data.

The World Shale Resources map primary resources of the emerging global shale industry.

Platts GIS Data taps into our vast data repository to provide the industry-standard information you need to power your analysis for the North American and European electric power, natural gas, coal, and emissions markets.

Platts PowerVision provides a comprehensive single source for European power and gas market fundamentals.

This highly interactive product provides easy access to a high-level of detail and information customizable to you. Interactively navigate over 250 PDF map pages through an easy to use graphical index. You have the capabilities to adjust visibility of features and labels, create snapshots for presentations and share them with your colleagues.

The newly updated Natural Gas System of Europe map supports a visual understanding of gas corridors from Norway, Russia and North Africa into Europe and the location of LNG receiving terminals.

Platts North American Natural Gas System Navigator presents a new way to explore the principal components of the natural gas system in a simple desktop mapping application.

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