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Energy Prices

Energy Pricing Information Category from Platts

For over a century, Platts has provided the players in the energy markets with spot and forward energy price assessments, news, and insights to better understand the market. As an independent information provider with robust methodologies, our benchmark energy prices have become the common language participants use to write contracts, monitor the market, and achieve full transparency around transactions.

Platts is dedicated to helping our customers and the industry operate with transparency and efficiency by providing market data and energy prices, that are respected around the world. In addition to the energy markets, Platts also covers the petrochemicals and metals markets. We believe the breadth of our coverage offers our customers a distinct competitive advantage by allowing them to spot trends and make connections across a range of commodities.

Platts assessment coverage includes benchmarks for the following markets:

  • Crude Oil & Products
  • Shipping
  • Petrochemicals
  • Natural Gas
  • Electric Power
  • Coal
  • Metals

Energy Prices Coverage

Spot & contract prices - Platts benchmark energy price assessments are widely used throughout the entire energy supply chain. From producer to consumer, risk manager to analyst, our daily and intra-day energy prices ensure financial institutions, energy companies and governments are competitively pricing their regional and global transactions.
Forward Curves – provides Risk Managers and Portfolio Managers with real-time forward curve assessments of the global derivatives market based on real market activity.
End-of-Day Data Files – this service provides you with our end-of-day assessments, corrections, third-party data, and a rolling 45-day historical database. These are delivered via FTP for integration into your back office applications, or can be downloaded from our website.
Historical Data – planners and analysts can access complete historical sets for each data category going back to the time it was first assessed to help them look at trending and aid with strategic and investment planning.
Custom Data – people looking for data covering very specific periods of time can opt to customize the data sets that they would like to receive to help them with one-off projects.
Data Add-ons – this service allows you to download market data into other applications for further analysis and decision-support with no cutting and pasting.
Third Party Data – Analysts can get a full picture of the global energy market with fundamental statistics from the EIA, API, FERC, OPEC and others plus weather and Exchange data from ICE, NYMEX, DME and others.
GIS Data - Strategic planners, analysts and other mapping professionals use GIS layers to effectively evaluate market shifts, plan and site new projects and plants, and perform detailed analysis.
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ProductProduct Information
Price Assessments & IndicesPrice Assessments & Indices - take a look at some of the Platts data products which contain the 8,500+ energy prices that we produce every day.
Global AlertGlobal Alert is a complete real-time information service for the global petroleum industry, providing market commentary, breaking news of deals done, price indicators for crude and products and more than 200 end-of-day assessments.
Custom DataCustom Data - gives you the ability to tap into our vast storehouse of energy market data and pricing information to quickly find the precise answers your business requires.
GIS DataGIS Data - With more than 60 seamless North American and European geospatial data layers, Platts provides the most comprehensive and reliable energy-related GIS data on the market for CAD, mapping, and other visual analysis.
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Energy Market Coverage

Crude OilProducts
YieldsEnergy Benchmarks
Regional Petroleum SwapsForward Curves
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