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Petrochemical News Information Category from Platts

In an industry already prone to rapid change, you need to be first to know what’s impacting chemical prices with access to petrochemical news, market fundamentals and industry outlooks that influences the entire petrochemical supply chain.

Our editorial team delivers information that empowers you to move with the markets and commentary that pulls back the curtain so you can see who is trading, and what is driving global petrochemical market prices.

Petrochemical News Coverage

Upstream and downstream News – Traders, buyers and sellers need integrated analysis to be able to negotiate confidently. Platts first-hand petrochemical news and information helps them make sense of market fundamentals that influence the entire petrochemical supply chain.
Market Commentary – close followers of regional natural gas markets like traders, analysts, business development professionals and executive management can gain greater insight into trading patterns and understand the story behind the price point with Platts’ regional and global market commentary.
Global Petrochemicals Market Commentary – Global and regional players alike benefit from Platts global view that reveals how far-away factors are impacting regional markets. Its also allows them to know which substitute products which may undermine prices as well as arbitrage opportunities.
Deals-Done – traders and purchasers are able to gain valuable insight into petrochemical price direction for future planning through Platts proactive reporting and in-depth commentary on named transactions, tenders, bids and offers.
Supply and Demand News – Petchem industry professionals need Platts essential coverage on plant operations such as planned turnarounds, unscheduled outages and new planned projects to keep on track of capacity levels and on top of any delays that could result in loss of profit.
Government activities – Platts reporting allows anyone who buys and sells to know what important factors such as policy, trade actions and legislation are impacting prices, adjust their business plans in good time and to be compliant with the law.
Download Platts Horizon – Petrochemical Outlook

Platts Horizon is a complimentary magazine which showcases Platts coverage beyond just pricing, and features valuable special reports and articles highlighting the important issues impacting the petrochemicals industry today.

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Petrochemical Market Coverage

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