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Shipping Prices

Shipping Pricing Information Category from Platts

Platts team of shipping and transport specialists provide you with impartial, balanced shipping price information to help you capitalize on market opportunities and minimize your risks. Our pricing coverage of bulk tanker markets and bunkering is available in real-time, daily newsletters or as daily data files to suit your needs.

With over 35 years of covering the bunker shipping markets, Platts has become a leading global provider of spot and contract shipping pricing data for the industry. Platts shipping pricing is underpinned by industry leading coverage of cargo, crude oil and fuel oil markets.

Many of Platts’ daily crude oil and refined products spot market price assessments are recognized as industry benchmarks across all regions. They are used in a variety of ways including for the settlement of floating price deals; under long-term contracts; on a spot basis; and for the settlement of derivatives contracts such as swaps and by futures exchanges. The following is a list of all our key shipping and bunker related pricing benchmarks in the Americas, Asia and EMEA:

  • North Sea - Dated Brent
  • Singapore - Gasoil Regular 0.5% Sulfur
  • Rotterdam (FOB) - Diesel 10 Ppm
  • Singapore - HSFO 180 CST
  • Singapore - HSFO 380 CST
  • Rotterdam (FOB) - Fuel Oil 3.5%
  • US Gulf Coast - Fuel Oil No. 6

Shipping Prices Coverage

Shipping Spot & Contract Prices – Platts benchmark shipping related price assessments are widely used throughout the entire supply chain. Anyone involved in trading or brokering waterborne oil cargoes needs to know how freight markets are moving. Similarly, anyone involved with chartering or brokering of ships needs to stay on top of shifting price levels. These individuals use bunker and cargo related daily, intra-day and end-of-day prices to ensure that they are competitively pricing their regional and global oil transactions. Risk Management & Treasury profession working in monitoring and compliance, risk management (policy and implementation), corporate risk, operational risk or liquidity management, Platts has data sets to help you model and measure your risk more effectively.
Third Party Data – Charters and Ship Owners can get a full picture of the global shipping market by accessing weather information along with transportation pricing information.
Historical Data – Planners, Traders, Risk managers, Quants and Analysts can access complete historical on over a our shipping and bunker fuel/ marine fuel market data categories going back to the time it was first assessed (often decades) to help them look at price trending and aid with strategic and investment planning. We have bunker fuel data going back 35 years.
End-of-Day Data Files – This service provides you with our end-of-day bulk shipping and bunker fuel related price assessments, corrections, and a rolling 45-day historical database of our bunker, clean and dirty tanker relate market data categories. These files are delivered via FTP in .csv or .txt format for easy integration into your back office applications, or can be downloaded from our website.
Custom Data – This service allows you to save time by soliciting the help of Platts database experts to splice and slice very specific shipping data sets covering very specific time periods as one-off projects.
Data Add-on – This service allows you to optimize your real-time Global Alerts service with access to Platts published oil prices in data-point format for use in built-in analytic and charting tools over the delivery platform or for export into other applications for further analysis with no cutting and pasting and reducing operational risk.
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