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India Coal Power Generation Map
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For 2012, Platts has updated the definitive resource for exploring coal-fired generation in China with key enhancements. Designed to help you do business in China, this map is based on UDI's trusted international data and will help you find import and export points, identify key companies, pinpoint coal consumers and explore the generation landscape of the largest consumer of coal in the world.

This map can help you discover the locations, supporting infrastructure and coal source regions that enable China to generate such massive amounts of electricity. Platts newly updated China Coal Power Generation, 2012 edition wall map explores the core components of China's most dominant fuel source in striking detail and vivid color.

As with past editions, the map's focus is coal power-generation set-against key supporting infrastructure such as coal ports, coal mines, smelters & railroads. Additionally, this map provides a sophisticated base-map showing major coal basins, coal regions, current administrative names & boundaries, provincial capitals, major cities, rivers & water-bodies.

Map features

  • 1,370 coal-fired power plants sized by generation capacity & labeled with plant name & company look-up code. Both existing and planned plants are displayed.
  • Coal ports
  • Smelters
  • Coal Regions
  • Coal basins
  • Railroads
  • Major coal mines
  • Current administrative regions
  • Provincial capitals
  • Major cities
  • Rivers
  • Water-bodies
  • Power plant lookup table
  • Power plant operator table

Charts and Graphs

  • Total Coal Consumption, 2010
  • Coal Production in China, 2010
  • CO2 Emissions from the Consumption of Coal
  • Global Coal Production Shares, 2010

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