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Platts Coal Trader, supplemented with Platts Coal Trader Analytics, is the only daily publication that can provide you with Platts OTC Broker Index, including CAPP barge; CAPP rail (CSX); PRB 8,800; and PRB 8,400, Platts US thermal coal export assessments, weekly physical US coal prices, plus weekly US stockpile numbers and forecasts that are available three months ahead of the EIA’s. It also gives you Platts’ daily assessments for US thermal coal exports, including FOB US East Coast, FOB USGC Eastern Coal, FOB USGC Western Coal, FOB Canada/USWC, Illinois Basin Coal, Northern Appalachia Coal, Central Appalachia Coal, and Rocky Mountain Coal. These price assessments and the included market intelligence on U.S. coal markets can help you keep up-to-date on who's buying, who's selling, and where the markets are heading.


Platts Coal Trader provides:

  • The latest daily OTC prices for key US benchmark coals, including Central Appalachia barge and rail coal, and Powder River Basin coal
  • What’s happening in the OTC markets, and why
  • Daily US thermal coal export assessments (FOB US East Coast, Gulf Coast and West Coast) and dry bulk freight rate assessments
  • Daily Atlantic (FOB US East Coast) metallurgical coal assessments
  • Daily pricing assessments for US emissions allowances, including SOx and NOx
  • Weekly prompt-quarter assessments of 19 different coal grades from the traditional US production basins, including Northern Appalachia, Central Appalachia, Illinois Basin, Powder River Basin and the Rocky Mountains
  • Weekly US petroleum coke assessments
  • News coverage of mine openings, closings and production, as well as US utility demand
  • Reports on who’s in the market for coal, and what specifications they are seeking

Who Should Buy

Platts Coal Trader provides essential information for traders, risk managers, analysts and other professionals who need unbiased information for short- and long-term action and analysis.


Platts brings you all the price and industry information you need to make the best trading decisions and stay on top of the market. Platts Coal Trader, supplemented with Platts Coal Trader Analytics, helps you:

  • Stay ahead by accessing critical weekly stockpile numbers and forecasts three months ahead of the EIA’s monthly figures
  • Keep up with daily price fluctuations and market moves
  • Find out what trades are occurring and the price and quantity
  • Put the coal market into context with gas and oil prices and changes
  • Hedge better with NYMEX prices and financial settlements
  • Learn more about factors that affect the market, such as supply and demand dynamics, export market fluctuations, and market responses to these factors
  • Find details about mergers, acquisitions, and new players

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