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Every business day, Platts Crude Oil Marketwire helps you uncover what’s moving the market and make critical business decisions by delivering the essential intelligence you need.

How Crude Oil Marketwire can help you:

  • Gain a complete picture of the latest developments in the market by accessing detailed industry commentary and analysis
  • Have the confidence to make faster and more informed key investment decisions by referring to crude oil price spreads and trade updates to see how the market is moving.

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Crude Oil Marketwire provides you with:

  • The most important daily crude oil forward and swaps price assessments for key benchmark grades, such as Brent, Dubai, Oman and WTI.
  • 95 crude grades evaluated daily, including 29 in the U.S. Gulf Coast
  • Daily yield and netback data for actively traded crude oil grades in eight regional refining centers, representing 80% of worldwide refining activity, including:
    • US Gulf, Atlantic Coast, Mid-continent and West Coast
    • Caribbean
    • Italy
    • Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp (the ARA)
    • Singapore
  • Freight assessments using Platts spot tanker rates against WS 100 rates for marine shipments
  • Futures settlement prices giving you the ability to make key investment decisions and allowing you to compare the marketplace at a glance
  • Trade updates
  • Industry officials’ commentary

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