Electricity Alert - Real-time market news,price discovery and end-of-day prices for North America

Electricity Alert brings real-time electric industry information to subscribers that can't afford to wait until tomorrow to get critical price and market data. Our extensive team of seasoned reporters delivers up-to-the-minute market intelligence - from power plant outages and supply deals, to mergers and regulatory decisions that affect North American markets.


  • News and market coverage of the North American electric power industry, including regulatory developments, by the largest editorial team dedicated to electricity reporting
  • Real-time electricity spot market transactions reported as deals are done
  • Regular reports on market-moving developments such as nuclear-plant outage schedules and weather
  • Unbiased price indexes and ranges from the same editors of Platts Global Power Report and Platts Megawatt Daily
  • Up-to-the-minute market commentary and analysis identifying and explaining market movements

Who should buy:

Traders, brokers, portfolio managers and others involved in trading operations rely on Platts Electricity Alert for access to key information before their competitors to help make more informed decisions.


Platts real-time monitoring of spot market transaction prices helps you to hedge your positions and act with greater confidence. Subscribers also use Electricity Alert to find comprehensive weather service and heating degree-day forecasts, allowing them to make more profitable buying and selling decisions.

Electricity Alert delivers comprehensive market coverage, including Real-time news with exclusive breaking stories on power deals, regulation and other market events impacting your business. You'll find the latest deals and bid/ask information gathered by our price reporting team. This report provides Market commentary and daily market assessments - daily assessments of regional markets and weekly off-peak and on-peak prices in the following regions:

  • ERCOT(all 4 zones)
  • West: 8 locations, including Palo Verde, NP15, and SP15
  • Southeast, 5 locations, including Southern
  • Northeast, 5 locations, including Mass Hub
  • Mid-Atlantic, 4 locations, including PJM West
  • Midwest, 5 locations, including Cinergy

In addition,Electricity Alert includes

  • Comprehensive weather service - designed especially for electricity traders
  • Complete heating degree-day forecasts for 11 regional market areas weighted by consumption and population
  • Electricity production with weekly production figures for nine regions provided by the Edison Electric Institute each Wednesday

This product is not available to purchase online. Please either take a trial (if available) or contact Sales using the yellow buttons to the right hand side of this tab.

Platts-ICE Forward Curve - Electricity

As a subscriber of Electricity Alert, you have the option of adding forward market data to increase your coverage of the marketplace. Forward Curve - Electricity provides you with independent, systematic forwards assessments and commentary for physical electric power trading, based on actual transactions, bids and offers going out four years.

Basic Delivery

You can receive Electricity Alert on your PC via Platts proprietary platform Platts on the Net, or over EMIS - a browser-based platform incorporating an easy and intuitive navigation scheme including user-defined layouts and an improved search engine.

Delivery Partners

Platts partners play a critical role to help ensure your company's success. We're pleased to have cooperative partnerships with the world's leading data delivery and analysis companies to help you extend the value of the information we provide throughout your organization. Please contact your nearest Platts office to discover whether you can access Electricity Alert through your existing vendor's delivery platforms.

Multiple-user Subscriptions

Many clients purchase multiple subscriptions to ensure their entire staff has access to Platts information. We'll work with you to ensure our distribution methods meet your specific needs. For details, contact your nearest Platts office.





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