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The new ERCOT Electric Power System 2007/2008 wall map presents the same valuable information as the new US Electric Power System 2007/2008 wall map, but with a regional view. This close-up of Texas, USA, makes it even easier to find the information you need at a glance and is a great visual tool for understanding the generation, transmission and utility landscape from Houston to El Paso and from Lubbock to Corpus Christi.

Key features

Features include:

  • Existing and planned power plants with 100MW or greater in generation. Plants are sized by nameplate capacity, colored with primary fuel and labeled with name and operator
  • Transmission lines colored by voltage (all transmission lines >=138 kV are shown) and labeled with owner name
  • Investor owned utility (IOU) territories labeled with company name
  • Significant non-investor owned utility territories (>=250,000 MWh retail sales) including distribution co-ops, municipals, public authorities and federal territories, labeled with name
  • Data tables showing utility abbreviation, name, holding company and company type
  • Power plant data tables list capacity and fuel
  • Detailed inset maps of congested/urban areas
  • Substations labeled with name
  • Major cities and state capitals, labeled with name
  • State and county boundaries, labeled with name

By combining Platts geospatial expertise and benchmark pricing and operational data with utility system maps, federal and state filings, and aerial imagery, we provides the most accurate and comprehensive geospatial representation of energy-related infrastructure and service territory information available.

Who Should Buy

Analysts, sales and marketing professionals, planners


  • Visualize planned generation and transmission to evaluate new project sites and uncover untapped opportunities
  • Explore the local system infrastructure
  • Analyze and quantify the competitive landscape
  • Assess merger and acquisition opportunities

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