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Product : Price Assessment
Frequency : Daily
Region : Asia|EMEA

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Platts Forward Curve - Coal (PFC-Coal) provides independent forward price assessments, market commentary, and analyses from experienced market specialists. This product also provides indispensible historical data based on actual transactions, bids, and offers.


PFC–Coal allows you to conduct risk management functions typical of most front-, middle-, and back-offices. With this product, you can:

  • Calculate meaningful coal market risk metrics, such as Value-at-Risk (VaR), and conduct stress tests on internal business models
  • Run mark-to-market valuations with timely, independently-sourced assessments provided on a daily basis
  • Make hedging decisions to stabilize future cash flows


PFC- Coal provides you with the following:

  • 72 daily assessments provided for the following periods: two months, four quarters, and three calendar years
  • Coal contract pricing for CIF ARA (Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp), FOB Richards Bay (South Africa), and FOB Newcastle (Australia)
  • Forward curves that reflect transactable values on a market-on-close basis at 17:00 London time
  • Daily commentary on coal and dry freight is also provided

All assessments are derived from communication with a cross-section of markets, taking into account the views of market participants, including swap buyers and sellers as well as market makers and brokers. Prominence is given to confirmed trades and indications. Illiquid markets may be assessed relative to active benchmarks to reflect market end-of-day values.

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