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Your time is valuable—let Gas Daily help you save it.Platts Gas Daily provides detailed coverage of natural gas spot prices at interstate pipeline and pooling points in the major US markets. News and market commentary found in Gas Daily is used by major players in natural gas to understand legislation and the regulatory environment as well as market movements and trends impacting the price of natural gas. Readers of Gas Daily also learn about business-critical issues such as storage levels, pipeline projects, capacity sales, and company strategies.


NEW! Content from Bentek. Platts Gas Daily now contains a daily analytical supplement from Bentek Energy. Gas Daily Market Fundamentals provides news, pricing, fundamentals and analytics for the North American natural gas market. Access to this new content is available with your subscription.

Gas Daily now contains a weekly Special Feature from Bentek Energy, providing detailed analysis of key stories and events in the natural gas market.

Gas Daily Benefits

Traders and Marketers use Gas Daily price assessments as a baseline to buy and sell natural gas on both a spot and long term basis—helping them to make them more profitable transactions. They also employ the news to evaluate specific events’ impact on natural gas markets and trading, which saves valuable time and effort spent trawling over multiple sources of information.

Analysts read Gas Daily news and market commentary to identify patterns and trends in the regional natural gas markets as well as to keep track of major market developments, competitors, supply and demand, market dynamics, regulatory issues to avoid spending time sifting through multiple websites, and newspapers.

Finance and Compliance departments rely on Gas Daily assessments to resolve contract pricing issues, establish contract prices for billing and understand regional basis for contract price formula.

Business Development and Sales draw on Gas Daily news, market commentary and price analysis to understand the natural gas market and pricing trends, stay on top of customer/counter-party activities, and develop new business opportunities.

Executive Management reads Gas Daily market commentary and news to track important market pricing developments as well as news around competitors and customer companies. They employ the market assessments in developing pricing/budgeting strategies.


Platts Gas Daily provides you with:

  • Intra-Day coverage
    • Gas Market Commentary
      • Recap of prior day trading activity for both the spot and futures market
    • Natural Gas News
      • Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) rulings
      • News of market trends plus helpful insights into the workings of the natural gas industry
      • Developments that will affect gas supply and demand
  • Daily coverage
    • Market Fundamentals supplement from Bentek
      • Daily Key Indexes
      • Top three headlines
      • Daily fundamental data and analysis
      • 14-day gas demand forecast
      • EIA Storage week forecast
    • Daily Price Survey
      • Price reporting at 94 geographic locations
    • Platts M2MS-Gas
      • Market-based forward curves and supporting analytical data
    • NYMEX Henry Hub 36 month forward contract prices on natural gas
    • Natural gas flow at key pricing points
      • Volumes of natural gas schedule to flow using pipeline operational capacity data
    • Spot prices for WTI and residual oil
  • Weekly Coverage
    • Natural Gas Forwards Commentary
      • Weekly wrap-up of the natural gas forward market
    • Weekly Weighted Average Prices for Gas Daily Points
      • Comparison between the last two weeks of volume weighted Gas Daily price points
    • EIA Natural Gas Storage Report
      • Comparisons from the previous week of working natural gas in storage for the Eastern, Western and producing regions of the United States
    • Canadian Gas Storage Report
      • Previous week comparisons of working natural gas in capacity and storage for Eastern and Western Canada
    • Special Feature from Bentek Energy
      • Detailed analysis covering one relevant story affecting the US natural gas market
  • Quarterly Coverage
    • Pipeline Monthly Stocks
      • Key pipeline companies stock price compared to last quarter and last year
    • Top North American Natural Gas Marketers
      • Wholesale physical volumes sold by company compared year on year

Gas Daily covers key regions across the US and Canadian natural gas markets. Delivered to your desktop on a daily basis, Gas Daily brings you crucial competitive intelligence across the entire gas marketplace.

Daily Natural Gas Price Survey (number of assessments in parenthesis)

  • Permian Basin Area (3)
  • East Texas-North Louisiana Area (4)
  • East-Houston-Katy (2)
  • South-Corpus Christi (5)
  • Louisiana-Onshore South (19)
  • Oklahoma (6)
  • New Mexico-San Juan Basin (2)
  • Rockies (7)
  • Canadian Gas (8)
  • Appalachia (5)
  • Mississippi-Alabama (2)
  • Citygates (14)
  • Others (14)
  • Forward Curves
  • NYMEX Henry Hub gas futures contract
  • Henry Hub/NYMEX Spread
  • Natural gas hub flow
  • Platts oil prices

Archive Market Report Access

As part of your subscription to Gas Daily, you have access via Platts Market Center to past articles found in Gas Daily to 2003. This valuable resource will allow you to search for and analyze useful information to create your own customized reference on issues in gas that interest you. You'll always find what you're looking for, because our archives are easily searchable - just enter keywords, company names, a date range, or an industry, and specify which publications you wish to search.

Market Data - Natural Gas

The natural gas price assessments listed in Gas Daily are also available in data-point format for easy analysis. This is the most efficient way to receive our industry-standard pricing assessments.

For a modest additional cost, upgrade your subscription to include Market Data - Natural Gas. With a click of a mouse you'll have access to the latest natural gas price assessments in data-point format. Market Data – Natural Gas also provides you with end-of-day gas assessments, third-party data, and a rolling 45-day historical database for key price assessments.

Platts Gas Daily Market Fundamentals

Platts Gas Daily Market Fundamentals from Bentek is a supplemental PDF that combines Platts’s price and news with Bentek’s analytics and data, which is used widespread and every day in the North American gas market.

Standard Delivery

Gas Daily is delivered online through Platts Market Center and via email.





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