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Gulf of Mexico Natural Gas System, 2011 Edition

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Gulf of Mexico Natural Gas System
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The Gulf of Mexico Natural Gas System, 2011 Edition wall map is a new edition to the Natural Gas System Suite of maps for 2011. This map gives you an eye-catching and detailed oriented view of the natural gas system in the Gulf of Mexico. With the unparalleled degree of accuracy and will help you monitor your competitors' market penetration, explore drilling opportunities, understand gas transportation and storage options and explore the gas generation landscape specifically in the Gulf.

Key features

  • Operating natural gas fueled power plants, 25MW in capacity and greater labeled with plant name.
  • Existing natural gas pipelines sized by pipe diameter and colored to differentiate ownership. Major pipelines are labeled with owner code.
  • Natural gas compressor stations
  • Major pipeline interconnections symbolized by receipt/delivery role. Receipt/Delivery points with over 100,000MCF of scheduled capacity are shown.
  • Natural gas processing plants
  • Gas storage locations
  • LNG terminals
  • Natural gas hubs
  • Leasing blocks and active leases
  • Protraction areas
  • State capitals, major cities, county borders