India Coal Power Generation Map, 2011 Edition

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India Coal Power Generation Map
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India’s electric generation sector is struggling to grow fast enough to power the world’s second fastest growing economy and coal is responsible for more than half of the country’s generation capacity. The Platts Cartography group has utilized the industry-leading international generation data from UDI to create this map of both existing and planned coal-fired power plants.

The map features over 350 existing and planned plants sized by capacity and colored by operating status. Detailed power plant tables display relevant operational and ownership information. To help illustrate the transportation of coal around India, railroads and major ports are displayed. Additionally, this striking map shows states, major cities and province borders.

Map features

  • Existing and planned coal-fired power plants, colored by operational status and sized by capacity.
  • Detailed plant locator table providing plant name, map location, company name, installed capacity, projected capacity, number of installed units and number of planned units.
  • Geographic content including major cities and provinces
  • Major ports, labeled with name
  • Railroads

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