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Published every Monday, Inside FERC is the authoritative guide to gas pipeline regulation and the agency's role in reshaping the electric utility industry. Inside FERC has covered the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for more than 25 years, and our veteran editors and reporters offer a depth of experience and perspective unmatched in the industry.


Crucial regulatory, legislative, infrastructure and operational issues currently in play include:

  • Rules of the road for construction of critical pipeline infrastructure
  • Policies to facilitate use of liquefied natural gas
  • Development of smart grid technology
  • Continuing competitive gas and electric market reform
  • FERC's increasingly important market-monitoring role
  • Fallout from the economic meltdown

A new FERC chairman and four commissioners will handle these and other big-ticket issues. Inside FERC will give you an insider's insight on developments instigated by this driving force in the energy sector.

Since the last major energy crisis in the late 1970s, leading industry players have turned to Platts Inside FERC for complete coverage of FERC and reliable information on developments in natural gas, electricity and hydropower regulation. Shouldn't you?

Who Should Buy

Anyone with a vested interest in regulatory developments in the natural gas, electricity and hydropower industries can benefit from Inside FERC, including strategists, analysts and traders.


  • Gain new perspectives into developments at FERC.
  • Learn of major changes in gas pipeline regulation and their consequences.
  • Equip yourself with the knowledge to make informed business decisions
  • Save time by relying on a source that has focused, relevant information on FERC.

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