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Market Data is the most efficient and reliable way to receive Platts benchmark price assessments, delivering access to the latest coal price data. This service provides you with our end-of-day assessments, corrections, third-party data, and a rolling 45-day historical database. Complete and custom historical data sets also are also available.

Platts unbiased price reports are produced by the industry's largest editorial team dedicated to coal market reporting. Located around the globe, Platts unrivalled resources ensure comprehensive coverage, the most reliable price assessments available.


With Market Data, you get term and spot price data to meet your requirements. It's the most efficient and reliable method to receive Platts industry-standard benchmark assessments in data-point format, including:

  • Daily and weekly assessments and indexes for international coal trading
  • Nearbys - NYMEX data for Central Appalachian coal
  • Futures - NYMEX data for Central Appalachian coal

With Market Data, you receive the latest price assessments, allowing you to react to market changes faster than ever, featuring:

  • 24/7/365 access: with a click of a mouse you can receive a complete report of Platts assessments and database information
  • Data you need: including hundreds of assessment categories at your fingertips that save you time by simply selecting and retrieving the data that's relevant to your business
  • Multiple data formats: just choose .txt or .csv files for easy integration into back-office and analytical databases
  • Flexible delivery options: dispatch files are available direct via FTP, web delivery, as well as Platts software and third party partners

Who Should Buy

Platts coal price data is essential market intelligence for traders, risk managers, analysts and other energy professionals who need unbiased price assessments for short- and long-term action and analysis.


Market Data provides the comprehensive price data you need to help reduce the risks involved in making important trading decisions, valuing positions and analyzing data. Set up automated feeds to ensure your trading analysis and settlements are powered by the industry's most reliable price benchmarks. Eliminate the risk associated with manual data entry when you receive Platts price data via Market Data.

Get term and spot price data how you want it. You can customize your Market Data feed to include Platts assessments that meet your company's specific needs, including:

  • Carbon - Assessments for the main allowances markets
  • Export Prices - Platts assessments and indexes for international coal trading
  • Forwards - Platts Forward Curve Coal Prices
  • Sulfur/Nitrous Oxides (SOX and NOX) - Assessments for the main allowances markets

This product is not available to purchase online. Please contact Sales using the yellow button to the right hand side of this tab.

Platts Market Data files can be accessed, downloaded and integrated directly into your proprietary systems:

  • Receive your Platts Market Data within seconds of it being published with Platts API or intuitive Excel Add-in
  • Download comma-delimited (.csv) data files from
  • Download text files (.txt) from Platts FTP site

Delivery Options Via Platts

Platts partners play a critical role to help ensure your company's success. We've struck cooperative partnerships with the world's foremost data delivery and analysis companies to help you leverage the information we provide and extend its value throughout your organization. We work with the industry's best providers to deliver this content.

Delivery Options via Platts Partners





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