Market Data - Sugar

Platts Market Data-Sugar is a revolutionary, user-friendly means of receiving the latest and historical sugar price assessments from Platts/Kingsman.

The package provides you with access to our critical end-of-day assessments, corrections as well as third-party data, meaning you no longer have to venture to multiple sources to find the prices you need.


  • Company-wide access to Market Data in this format has been known to increase the efficiency and agility in which companies do business
  • Platts Market Data eliminates the risks associated with manual data entry, paving the way for smoother operations across your organisation
  • If you already subscribe to other Market Data categories within Platts such as Biofuels you are automatically provided with greater visibility of the increasingly-intertwined Agriculture markets
  • With access to historical data, you can identify trading patterns to spot future trends more easily
  • It’s a resource against which you can benchmark your data and keep track of how your company is performing: whether you are lagging, norming or outperforming your peers
  • You can feel safe in the knowledge that you are receiving information from a consistent data source that is wholly independent
  • Platts Market Data – Sugar gives you the confidence to satisfy the regulators and compliance teams who require data direct from the source


With Platts Market Data – Sugar is sold as a complete package but split into 3 categories:

  • SG Category - Kingsman’s proprietary spot, premium and discount price assessments for the key domestic, import and export markets
  • SY Category - Weekly freight prices for the world’s key trading routes for both bulk and bagged sugar
  • SP Category - Daily futures and other third-party price assessments for the world’s key domestic sugar markets

Access to a rolling 45-day historical database for all of Kingsman’s prices, most dating back to around 2006 is also available with this package.

Platts Market Data - Sugar package is available in a data-point format for easy import and analysis. This is the most efficient, most reliable way to receive our industry-renowned assessments.

Platts Market Data - Sugar provides prices for all of the main sugar markets worldwide. With over 30 Kingsman price assessments and over 30 third-party assessments published daily for the most commonly traded grades and locations, the package is split into the following categories:

Kingsman’s proprietary price assessments (SG category)

  • Raw sugar prices for the Thai and Brazilian markets (Daily)
  • White sugar prices for the Brazilian, Thai and EU markets (Daily)
  • Domestic sugar prices for the Brazilian and the futures market (Kingsman’s own assessment based on the futures price)(Daily)
  • EU sugar prices for the key markets including Western and Mediterranean markets (Monthly)

3rd party freight prices (SY category)

  • Weekly freight prices for both bagged and bulk sugar across the follow routes:
    • o Bagged sugar:
      • South Brazil – Bangladesh, E.C. Africa and W.C. Africa
      • Thailand - Bangladesh, E.C. Africa and W.C. Africa
    • o Bulk sugar:
      • South Brazil – China, Black Sea and Dubai
      • Guatemala – Black Sea, South Korea, China
      • Thailand – China, South Korea, Indonesia

Daily futures and third-party price assessments (SP category)

  • Key futures prices including NY#11 and LIFFE#5
  • CEPEA Domestic prices
  • Zafranet Estandar prices
  • Zafranet Refined prices

Platts Market Data - Sugar provides you with end-of-day assessments, third-party data, and a rolling 45-day historical database for key assessments. Complete and custom historical data sets are also available.

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Platts Market Data files can be accessed, downloaded and integrated directly into your proprietary systems:

  • Receive your Platts Market Data within seconds of it being published with Platts API or intuitive Excel Add-in
  • Download comma-delimited (.csv) data files from
  • Download text files (.txt) from Platts FTP site

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Our partners play a critical role to help ensure your company's success. We've struck cooperative partnerships with the world's foremost data delivery and analysis companies to help you leverage the information we provide and extend its value throughout your organization.

Our channel partners include:

  • Allegro Development
  • Aspect Enterprise Solutions
  • Bloomberg
  • CACT

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