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Platts Market Data-Sugar is a revolutionary, user-friendly means of receiving the latest and historical sugar price assessments from Platts/Kingsman.

The package provides you with access to our critical end-of-day assessments, corrections as well as third-party data, meaning you no longer have to venture to multiple sources to find the prices you need.


  • Company-wide access to Market Data in this format has been known to increase the efficiency and agility in which companies do business
  • Platts Market Data eliminates the risks associated with manual data entry, paving the way for smoother operations across your organisation
  • If you already subscribe to other Market Data categories within Platts such as Biofuels you are automatically provided with greater visibility of the increasingly-intertwined Agriculture markets
  • With access to historical data, you can identify trading patterns to spot future trends more easily
  • It’s a resource against which you can benchmark your data and keep track of how your company is performing: whether you are lagging, norming or outperforming your peers
  • You can feel safe in the knowledge that you are receiving information from a consistent data source that is wholly independent
  • Platts Market Data – Sugar gives you the confidence to satisfy the regulators and compliance teams who require data direct from the source


With Platts Market Data – Sugar is sold as a complete package but split into 3 categories:

  • SG Category - Kingsman’s proprietary spot, premium and discount price assessments for the key domestic, import and export markets
  • SY Category - Weekly freight prices for the world’s key trading routes for both bulk and bagged sugar
  • SP Category - Daily futures and other third-party price assessments for the world’s key domestic sugar markets

Access to a rolling 45-day historical database for all of Kingsman’s prices, most dating back to around 2006 is also available with this package.

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