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Your time is valuable—let Platts Megawatt Daily help you save it.

Platts Megawatt Daily has long been a go-to source for major players in the electric power industry, helping them understand what is moving the US power markets, gain market intelligence, and reference prices for contracts. It provides detailed coverage of power prices in major US and Canadian electricity markets, up-to-date information about solicitations and supply deals, and information about complex state and federal power regulations.

And now, Megawatt Daily includes more analytical information, graphics, data, and market insight. Day-ahead bilateral indexes, price trends, coal-to-gas power ratios, power burn and fundamental data (including weather trends, generation mix, and transmission flows) are presented in tables and graphs that provide more context and support greater market understanding.

Megawatt Daily Benefits

The new Platts Megawatt Daily includes content that will help you evaluate utility market strategies and how they meet load. With it, you can better understand new generation and its impact on zonal and regional prices, and of competition among competing fuels and renewables. You can also analyze transmission projects and their impacts on zonal and regional prices, and understand regional trading markets, players, and strategies. Use Platts Megawatt Daily to also stay on top of policies and decisions of ISOs, FERC, CFTC, EPA and Congress and their potential market impacts.

Who buys Platts Megawatt Daily?

Traders and marketers, analysts, finance and compliance, business development and sales, attorneys, and executive managers use Platts Megawatt Daily to track U.S. power market movements, deliver business-critical information, resolve contract pricing issues, understand the electricity market, develop new business opportunities, and monitor competitors.

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