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Platts MVS provides you with a cutting edge iron ore analytics platform, created specifically to answer the need for more sophisticated value analytics. As the industry continues to grow in sophistication, liquidity and scale, Platts MVS is well placed to provide traders, banks, miners and end users access to a wealth of data, resulting in more informed negotiations between you and your customer, ultimately unlocking more value for your products.

To gain a deeper understanding of the tool’s features and how they can work for you, watch the demo video here.

Platts MVS’ dynamic platform enables you to view, edit and perform custom calculations on a number of differentiating factors that can put you well on the road to finding the best customer and price for your product. This in turn can allow you to:

  • Optimize your global sales management
  • Gain a profound understanding of how your products compare with index and competitor products
  • Obtain insight into your product in the context of the wider market

Platts MVS report

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The Platts MVS team is comprised of technologists, metallurgists and engineers who work around the clock to keep the tool as relevant and up-to-date as humanly possible. Here are the key features and resulting benefits:

FeatureAllows you to..So you can..
Value-in-Use*Calculate mark-to-market value-in-use, a technical benchmark for pricing and establishing the value of an iron ore product in any blast furnace in the world, based on its specific input costs

Calculate value of ore for all steel mills around the world, depending on the technical and logistical compatibility*
Find a "fair" value of iron ore for a specific product and customer to help maximize profitability
Spot Market AnalyticsAccess and analyze database of spot market transactions recorded by Platts on a daily basis. Identify $$ premia and discounts the spot market places on varying characteristics of iron ore grades over timeEnter negotiations with a robust and demonstrable understanding of the current market by coupling the trade data with Platts MVS VIU calculations
Quick Benchmark*Compare furnace-specific technical value-in-use of two different iron ore grades, for example, against a competitor’s productPerform detailed analysis on both product and customers to help you find the best opportunity possible
Map SearchUse this geo visualization feature to view all available data on each steel plant, ports and terminal in the Platts MVS Database (powered by Google)Analyze regional clusters of steel plants down to the logistical level to help confident negotiations to take place and get instant insight into the value of your product to a particular steel mill
Steel Plants HubThis global database of steel plants provides a snapshot of potential customers’ utilization rates, blast furnace capacities and their raw material input costsPerform analysis on prospective customers’ needs to help you find the best opportunity possible
Mines DatabaseThis comprehensive and detailed database of global iron ore mines provides information on historical and forecast production volumes, mine life and ports used for shipmentsCompare competing mines, sourcing opportunities, or analyze for investment decisions
Production DatabaseThis database contains over 400 iron ore product grades currently or soon to be in production with their precise specifications, annual production volumes, and corresponding mine system dataQuickly compare any iron ore specification to an index or competitor product and inform complimentary sourcing strategies
Production VolumesView data on historical, current and forecasted production volumes. Aggregate by:
  • Classification of iron ore product
  • Fe grade groups
  • Countries
  • Mine systems
Analyze iron ore market and identify opportunities / potential pitfalls
Dry Bulk PricesIncludes live and historic information on sea freight cost on all major iron ore routes. It shows global bulk freight prices, it calculates and charts FOB/CFR netbacks live and over timeCalculate transport costs and compare how changing freight costs affect FOB prices globally
Analytical ReportsExclusively available to our clients, these regular reports use Platts MVS’ proprietary data and analytical functions as well as first-hand information gained through market consultations and site visits in China and around the globeGain further insight into the global steel raw material market

*Can be customized with your own data

There are a number of key data points that power the features listed above. These are:

  • Daily-updated indexes including the benchmark Platts IODEX and TSI 62% Fe iron ore prices
  • Platts Freight and Coal price assessments
  • Data for over 275 iron ore mines, 1210 blast furnaces in 422 steel mills globally, 270 ports, 470 terminals, 1,000 border crossings and 27,000 sea and rail routes

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