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Natural Gas Supply of North America, 2013 Edition

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Natural Gas Local Distribution Companies of North America
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The emergence of natural gas market hubs and the increasing variety of gas transport options require a comprehensive geographic understanding of the gas pipeline system and the markets it serves. The newly updated North American Natural Gas Supply wall map features a detailed look at the supply, transportation, and demand aspects of the evolving natural gas marketplace by showing gas transmission and key infrastructure along the pipelines.

Discover customers, plan transmission, understand planned projects, and strategize using this legible and comprehensive view of the gas transmission network of the US and Canada. For the first time, this edition of the map shows pipelines colored by company and sized diameter in order to help you trace a company’s presence from source to generator. Along the way, explore storage, hubs, ports, receipt/delivery, compressor stations, LNG terminals and more.

Map Features

  • Natural gas pipelines - both existing and proposed colored and labeled by company.
  • Natural gas fueled power plants labeled with name and operator code
  • Natural gas import and export points
  • Natural gas supply basins
  • LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) terminals
  • Natural Gas Hubs (Pricing Points)
  • Meters
  • Compressor stations
  • Natural gas storage facilities

Supplemental Information

  • Informative graphs presenting Bentek's CELLCAST historical gas production and demand data across North America
  • Informative graphs representing consumed and delivered gas in the US and natural gas losses in the US
  • Inset maps showing natural gas shale plays and gas storage fields in the US
  • Detailed inset maps of 7 different urban areas and the Gulf of Mexico
  • State & province borders, state capitals and major cities