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North American Electric Power System Atlas CD-ROM, 2011 Edition

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North American Electric Power System Atlas
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Explore information from the energy industry’s most trusted data source in an easy-to-navigate collection of map PDF pages. Nearly 250 pages of maps offer great detail of N. American power generation, transmission and retail service territories. Updated with the latest in planned projects and comprehensive coverage of existing infrastructure, this is an ideal option for the customer in need of serious data in a simple and powerful format.

For the first time, the Atlas also includes geospatial PDF functionality giving you the simplicity of a PDF with some of the basic functionality of much more expensive mapping systems.

What's in it for you?

  • Monitor competitor market penetration
  • Easy to use software that requires virtually no training
  • A fraction of the cost of GIS software
  • Portable which allows the flexibility to use at home, in the office or on the road
  • Ability to visualize potential opportunities such as mergers and acquisitions, new business development and new construction

Map Features

  • Click on map features for additional ownership & operational information
  • Control the visibility of map features with a clickable "on" and "off" layer control feature
  • Take snapshots to paste into other documents
  • Search for features by name
  • Easily print and share pages
  • See a location's latitude & longitude coordinates
  • Magnifying glass tool to expand busy areas
  • Save your comments, notations and mark-ups
  • Find a location using XY coordinates
  • Measure distance, perimeter, and area on maps*


To view the layer controls, click the layers tab on the left hand side of the PDF when open.

**We recommend viewing this PDF in Acrobat Reader or Acrobat Pro where you can easily access the Layer Control and Object Data Tool (within the Edit/Analysis menu).


Map Content

  • Existing and planned power plants with 25MW or greater in generation capacity. Plants are sized by nameplate capacity, colored with primary fuel and labeled with plant name
  • Transmission lines colored by voltage (>=115 kV are shown) and labeled with owner abbreviation. Both existing and planned transmission are represented.
  • Investor owned utility (IOU) service territories labeled with company name
  • Non-investor owned utility territories including distribution co-op's, public authorities and federal territories (click to see ownership)
  • Substations (>=115kV)
  • Coal mines (>=100k Average Production Tons)
  • Railroads symbolized by owner
  • Counties
  • Major highways
  • Major cities and state capitals
  • Map scale of approximately 1:1,000,000