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North American Natural Gas Fundamental Dataset Subscriptions

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With Platts natural gas fundamental datasets, you have effortless access to market fundamentals from the top industry sources.

Discover what savvy industry professionals already know. Platts can save you time and effort by providing some of the most requested 3rd-party data in one easy-to-use resource.

Delivered via Platts FTP site, you can quickly download industry data—saving you time and ensuring you always have the most up-to-date data.


Spend less time searching for data and more analyzing it. Select from the following natural gas reports, which can be downloaded over the Internet to your desktop and seamlessly integrated into your business processes.

  • Annual Gas Company Line Mileage
  • Baker Hughes Rig Count
  • DOE Monthly LNG Import and Export Statistics
  • EIA Weekly Natural Gas Storage Report
  • FERC Pipeline Index of Customers
  • FERC Pipeline Index of Customers Receipt/Delivery Points
  • Monthly Fuel Transactions All Fuels
  • Natural Gas Compressor Stations
  • Natural Gas Operational Capacity
  • Natural Gas Storage Facilities - Existing
  • Natural Gas Storage Facilities - Proposed
  • Proposed Pipelines and Expansion Projects

Who Should Buy

Quick access to natural gas market basics is crucial for energy companies, analysts, bankers, planners and business professionals who rely on production, supply and demand statistics to make informed business forecasts and decisions.


Whether you are analyzing the value of an asset, performing competitive analysis, supporting capital budgeting decisions, or preparing for a sales call, Platts natural gas datasets can help you:

  • Make faster, more informed decisions
  • Manage risk and value positions
  • Invest with confidence
  • Benchmark your company against competitors
  • Adjust your strategic plans
  • Understand industry relationships/contracts
  • Identify expansion opportunities or new prospective customers

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