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North American Natural Gas System Map, 2014 Edition

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North American Natural Gas System Map
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Based on decades of experience and research, the North American Natural Gas System wall map consistently sets the industry standard for visualizing the supply, generation, distribution and transportation of natural gas across North America. Stay ahead of the competition with the latest proposed pipeline products, proposed generation projects, storage, LNG and more. See where these new projects connect with the thousands of miles of existing pipelines, power plants, compressor stations, pricing hubs and other infrastructure. Find out who the pipeline operators are and which companies control gas distribution in the region.

This unique product has been used around the world for over 20 years as the go-to tool for visualizing all the components of the natural gas system. With its striking design and industry depth, it serves both as decoration and as an invaluable resource for anyone involved or interested in the natural gas industry.

The map is also available digitally in a CD-ROM. Purchase both in a discounted bundle.

Key Features:

  • Natural gas fueled power plants, 25MW and greater in capacity
    • Existing and planned plants (including those under construction) are displayed
    • Plants are colored by prime mover, sized by nameplate capacity and labeled with plant name
  • Natural gas pipelines (both existing and proposed) colored and sized by diameter
    • Operating pipeline stretches are labeled with a unique owner ID and proposed pipeline stretches are labeled with the system or company name
  • Major LDC (local distribution company) service territories
  • Natural gas import and export points
  • Natural gas supply basins
  • LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) terminals symbolized by operational status (on-stream or under-construction/planned)
  • Gas hubs (pricing points)
  • Natural gas storage facilities colored by operational status (existing, planned or existing w/planned additions)
  • Inset maps showing natural gas shale plays and gas storage fields in the US
  • Detailed inset maps of 7 different urban areas and the Gulf of Mexico
  • State & province borders, state capitals and major cities

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