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North American Natural Gas System Interactive Atlas CD-ROM, 2012 Edition

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U.S. Natural Gas System Atlas
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The new 2012 North American Natural Gas System Interactive Atlas CD-ROM presents a detailed view of the natural gas system of the United States and Canada in the form of 250 legal-sized (8.5" x 14"), geospatial PDF map pages within an easy, intuitive application. The interactive, portable and powerful format is the perfect way to gain insight into the natural gas market and find business opportunities.

Explore the supply and market dynamics among more than a dozen key map feature sets. From gas production basins through the gas pipeline network and associated infrastructure to generators, LDCs and export locations, the North American Natural Gas System Interactive Atlas CD-ROM will help you keep abreast of developments in this vibrant industry.

What's in it for you?

  • Monitor competitor market penetration
  • Easy to use software that requires virtually no training
  • A fraction of the cost of GIS software
  • Portable which allows the flexibility to use at home, in the office or on the road
  • Ability to visualize potential opportunities such as mergers and acquisitions, new business development and new construction

Map Features

  • Click on map features for additional ownership & operational information
  • Control the visibility of map features with a clickable "on" and "off" layer control feature
  • Take snapshots to paste into other documents
  • Easily print and share pages
  • See a location's latitude & longitude coordinates
  • Save your comments, notations and mark-ups
  • Find a location using XY coordinates


To view the layer controls, click the layers tab on the left hand side of the PDF when open.

**We recommend viewing this PDF in Acrobat Reader or Acrobat Pro where you can easily access the Layer Control and Object Data Tool (within the Edit/Analysis menu).


Map Content

  • Natural gas fired power plants symbolized by operational status, colored by prime mover, sized by capacity (MW)
  • Natural gas transmission pipelines, existing and proposed, sized and colored by diameter (5.5 inches in diameter and greater)
  • Natural gas liquids pipelines
  • Gas Daily pricing hubs
  • Existing and proposed LNG facilities,colored by development status
  • Gas storage facilities colored by status
  • Gas compressor stations
  • Natural gas processing plants
  • Gas receipt/delivery points symbolized by type and capacity
  • Gas import/export locations
  • All investor-owned Local Distribution Company (LDC) territories and many major non-investor owned LDC territories(over 1,100)
  • Natural gas supply basins
  • Federal lands, rivers & water bodies
  • Major cities, counties, state & province boundaries
  • Major interstates and highways


PDF of the North American Shale Plays Map included in the Atlas CD-ROM -$395.00 Value (not-printable)