North American Shale Plays, 2013 Edition

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North American Shale Plays
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New Features & Updates for 2013 edition:

  • Steam Crackers -Brand New
  • Fractionators - Brand New
  • 18 additional Shale Plays - Including Cline, Wolf Camp, Wolfberry, Mississippi Lime, Niorara and more.
  • 44 additional Shale Basins - Including Williston, Piceance, Uinta, Permian, and more
  • 11 additional LNG Facilities

Over the past few years the natural gas, oil, and liquids markets have been transformed and revitalized by extraction innovations such as horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing. Deposits of gas and oil that were once cost prohibitive or difficult to access, have now become cost-effective and are already having a profound effect on energy markets around the globe. The United States and Canada are at the center of this revolution and the map presents a holistic view of an industry that profoundly altered our energy landscape.

Now in its second edition, the Platts North American Shale Plays 2013 wall map presents even more shale plays in this definitive resource utilizing expertise from Gas Daily editors and Bentek analysts. With over eighty different shale plays (many not displayed elsewhere), shale basins, hundreds of thousands of miles of crude and interstate gas pipelines, gas processing plants, LNG facilities and protected federal lands, this map will help you understand areas of potential exploration as well as existing infrastructure. Added insight can be derived from informative charts, graphs and tables encompassing the map.

Additional Features:

  • Crude Oil Pipelines
  • Interstate Natural Gas Pipelines
  • Gas Processing Plants
  • LNG Terminals
  • Federal Lands including National Parks, National Forests, BLM, Conservation Areas, Wildlife Refuge Areas, Wilderness Study Areas, and more.

Supplementary Maps and Graphs

  • Maps Depicting
    • Potential Oil Shale Development in the Western United States
    • Emerging Shale Plays in North America
  • Graphs and Tables Depicting:
    • Estimated Shale Gas Production by State
    • Shale Gas Proved Reserves by State
    • Table Showing Estimated Recoverable Shale Gas Compared to Existing Proved Reserves in 32 Countries (EIA).
    • Natural Gas Withdrawals & Production by Well Type.
    • Average Daily Dry Gas Production by Basin (2012) from Bentek.
  • Table Showing Estimated Recoverable Shale Gas Compared to Existing Proved Reserves in 32 Countries, 2009 (EIA)

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