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Since 1960, Platts Nucleonics Week has been the leading source of global news for the commercial nuclear power business. Platts Nucleonics Week delivers analysis with a depth and sophistication simply unavailable anywhere else.


Nucleonics Week focuses on the fundamental news that matters to industry professionals. Veteran editors and correspondents know what's important, and put it in context for you.

  • Find out who's building nuclear plants, and who's shutting them down.
  • Learn which plants are performing best, and why they're succeeding.
  • Get accurate, up-to-the-minute technical information when something goes wrong at a nuclear plant anywhere in the world.
  • Explore the economics of nuclear plants and discover how vendors and operators are changing them.
  • Find out more about the political challenges facing nuclear power, locally and globally.
  • Refer to our exclusive monthly table of generating performance at virtually every nuclear power unit in the world to get a better sense of the industry.
  • Receive daily Nuclear News Flashes with an e-mail subscription

Who Should Buy

Electricity and uranium traders and other industry professionals rely on Nucleonics Week for information about the nuclear power industry that will help them make informed, accurate, and profitable decisions.


Much more than just a collection of news, Nucleonics Week is a sophisticated package of information and perspective designed to put you in the company of key players who need to know the status and outlook for this challenging industry. You will gain information that will help you formulate and clarify your ideas about major issues and events. It will equip you with the means to make informed business decisions and discern evolving market trends.

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