Shale Gas to Polyethylene Report: Global outlook to 2023

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The shale gas revolution is rapidly changing the US ethane, ethylene and polyethylene supply equation, with direct implications for global trade flows of polyethylene between key production and consumption regions

Platts Shale Gas to Polyethylene report helps you understand how todays wide cracking margins are incentivizing a rush for new capacity and how this might erode the US feedstock advantage post 2017.

This report and accompanying data provides a global outlook on polyethylene prices out to 2023. It provides essential market data, intelligence and insight by integrating analysis from upstream to downstream.


  • Clear implications of cheaper ethane, ethylene and PE with NGL forecasts out to 2023
  • Make sense of the issues and opportunities created by with the supply of shale gas in North America
  • Domestic supply options for US surplus ethylene from 2017
  • The global competitive landscape for exports of US export surplus PE from 2019
  • How long will cheap US gas ensure competitive feedstock?
  • Are all US planned cracker projects going to be built?
  • Which consumers will absorb US exports of PE?


  • US ethylene outlook
  • US NGL – Petrochemical Demand Forecast
  • Asia & Middle East Ethylene Outlook
  • Asia & Middle East Polyethylene Outlook
  • US Polyethylene Outlook
  • Latin America Polyethylene Outlook
  • Europe, Africa & Oceania polyethylene Outlook
  • Ethylene Derivatives: VCM–Ethylene Oxide Outlook
  • US Steam Cracker Co-Products Outlook
  • Quarterly Market Overview

Data & analysis:

  • US cracker project risk analysis
  • US petrochemical feedstock demand
  • US ethylene capacity & supply
  • US derivatives demand
  • US steam cracker co-products