Petrochemical Alert - Real-time market news, price discovery and end-of-day prices

Petrochemical Alert gives you everything you need to stay informed and react to changing market conditions, including minute-to-minute updates on news and pricing for all your petrochemical needs. From news flashes to long-range analysis, and real-time deal reporting to end-of-day price assessments, Petrochemical Alert is consistently first to deliver breaking news that moves the world's petrochemicals markets. It's an indispensable tool for those making crucial decisions.


Platts Petrochemical Alert provides vital information delivered to your screen in real-time.

  • News flashes and long range analysis
  • Real-time deal reporting and end-of-day price assessments
  • Exceptional, comprehensive, and accurate editorial quality
  • "Heard in the Markets" rolling pages
  • In-depth commentary on petrochemical price assessments and indications
  • Minute-by-minute global coverage of aromatics, forward curve assessments, polymers, olefins, solvents, intermediates, crude oil, naphtha, LPG, styrenics, plastics, methanol, gasoline blendings, biofuels and other feedstocks
  • Breaking news on every aspect of the petrochemical market, from plant closures to industry and market performance
  • Assessment rationales give the “why” behind the Platts assessed price, as well as bids, offers, trades and exclusions (BOTEs) for key petrochemical assessments

Who Should Buy

Whatever your position in the petrochemical industry Platts Petrochemical Alert can provide you with the information you need. Purchasers of this valuable real-time service include producers, consumers, traders, risk managers, analysts and investors.


Petrochemical Alert is a trustworthy market and pricing intelligence resource that will help you make confident, informed decisions. Platts Petrochemical Alert gives you up-to-the-minute picture of the very latest news and pricing, so you can uncover what's moving the market today and make key investment decisions quickly and more profitably.

Petrochemical Alert gives you the edge by providing minute-to-minute updates on news and pricing for all your petrochemical needs.

  • Real time price information, exclusive assessments and spot deals
  • Breaking news on new projects, developing markets and petrochemical plant operations
  • Industry news covering mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, investments and financial performance
  • "Heard in the markets" information on the latest spot deals, bids, offers, contract price changes and changing market price trends
  • Regular updates of petrochemical tender awards
  • In-depth commentary on petrochemical price assessments and indications to help you make sense of market movements
  • The full range of Platts' established weekly petrochemical market reports for aromatics, olefins, polymers, solvents, intermediates and LPGs.
  • Industry statistics from Asia, US and Europe -- inventories and import/export data
  • Assessment rationales providing specific details regarding how Platts editors assess and publish market changes, giving you the “why” behind Platts end of day prices.

Petrochemical Alert covers the following markets:

  • Aromatics - daily price assessments for key aromatics such as benzene, toluene, mixed xylenes, and paraxylene
  • Forward Curve assessments - for European and US benzene markets
  • Styrenics - daily assessments in US and Asia
  • Plastics - a full array of global polymers assessments for PVC, polyolefins, styrenic resins, and European PET
  • Olefins, Intermediates, Solvents - weekly assessments on key products in the Americas, Europe, and Asia
  • Methanol - daily assessments for the global benchmark market, the US Gulf
  • MTBE - daily source of MTBE assessments for Asia, Europe and the US
  • Feedstocks - daily updates of spot prices and market news on world naphtha and gasoline
  • LPG - daily price assessments for US, European and Asian LPG

This product is not available to purchase online.

Basic Delivery

You can receive Petrochemical Alert on your PC via Platts proprietary platform Platts on the Net, or over EMIS - a browser-based platform incorporating an easy and intuitive navigation scheme including user-defined layouts and an improved search engine.

Delivery Partners

Platts partners play a critical role to help ensure your company's success. We're pleased to have cooperative partnerships with the world's leading data delivery and analysis companies to help you extend the value of the information we provide throughout your organization. Please contact your nearest Platts office to discover whether you can access Petrochemical Alert through your existing vendor's delivery platforms.

Multiple-user Subscriptions

Many clients purchase multiple subscriptions to ensure their entire staff has access to Platts information. We'll work with you to ensure our distribution methods meet your specific needs. For details, contact your nearest Platts office.





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