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PowerMap is a strategic desktop mapping system that contains map layers and key statistical data for North American energy markets, giving you the ability to uncover answers to your energy market questions.

Containing more than 60 mapping layers and a powerful suite of analysis and automation tools, PowerMap's extensive capabilities allow you to spatially understand and analyze geographic relationships among various energy markets.

PowerMap is easy to use and provides you with a fully customizable, open environment. You can add your own proprietary data to the system to get a visual representation of your analysis, revealing industry trends that may have gone unnoticed. Third-party GIS and CAD data can even be imported and overlaid on PowerMap layers.

Create high-impact detailed visuals of your spatial analyses for PowerPoint slides, paper maps, or location reports. And to help you become proficient at geographic analysis and mapping, our Geospatial Services staff provide exceptional telephone support and one-time, free onsite training.

Who Should Buy

Investment banks, energy producers, large industrials, and others use PowerMap to identify new opportunities in today's energy markets.


Strategic planners rely on PowerMap to provide key relationships for new power plants or industrial facilities. Investors perform critical analysis for investment or divestiture planning.

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