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North American Electric Transmission System, 2015 Edition

Natural Gas Local Distribution Companies of North America
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The newly updated North American Electric Transmission System, 2015 wall map from Platts provides an unequalled view of the electric transmission system across North America. In a glance, view existing and proposed transmission lines, power plants, substations and Megawatt Daily pricing hubs overlaid on an attractive base map with major cities and states.

Use this map to identify proposed transmission and generation projects, explore grid connectivity and routing possibilities, and to illustrate talking points in the office. The Platts suite of electric system maps are used in energy businesses around the globe and have been awarded numerous cartographic awards.

Key Features:

  • Transmission lines colored by voltage (greater or equal to 161 kV are shown) and labeled with owner name. Both existing and planned transmission are represented
  • Existing and planned power plants with 100MW or greater in generation capacity labeled with plant name
  • Major substations labeled with name
  • Megawatt-Daily pricing hubs labeled with hub name
  • Detailed inset maps of urban areas
  • Detailed inset map of Alaska and Northwest Canada
  • Inset maps showing NERC regions and RTO/ISO regions
  • Revealing graphs and charts: Top Plant Operators by Operating Capacity, Top Power Plants by Operating Capacity, and U.S. Electricity Consumption
  • Major cities and state capitals
  • Major rivers and water bodies
  • Table showing total operating and planned MW capacity by plant operators

This map is available in the following sizes.

Map dimension: 42" x 72"

Select the version that best meets your needs:

Wall Map

Printed on heavyweight, glossy, photo-quality paper to enhance the richness of the colors, this version is suitable for framing or display. Dimensions: 42 x 72 inches.

Laminated Wall Map

Printed on a durable paper and then laminated, this version can be marked up for analysis and brainstorming purposes and also looks great framed. Dimensions: 42 x 72inches.




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