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Subscriber Support

Looking for information about a product, Platts’ process, or just have a question you think we can answer? We’re here to help. Explore the links below for useful information. Energy services and support including energy help, energy manuals, energy subscription by Platts.

Access My Subscriptions

Subscribers to Platts’ products can download today’s issue, search the archives, or access an online product.

Help and Support

Platts global support teams are ready to assist you. Find a contact, the nearest office, and more.

Software and User Manuals

Download software and related manuals for Platts on the Net, EMIS and our Dispatch Data products.

Subscribe to Free Email Alerts

Subscribe to free email alerts including Platts Energy Bulletin, Subscriber Notes, New and Discontinued Price Symbols, Corrections and the Holiday Calendar.

Methodology and Reference

Have a question about a Platts price? Subscribers to Platts products will find answers to this question and many more in the Methodologies & Reference section. This area includes Methodologies and Specifications Guides, Subscriber Notes/Methodology Updates, New and Discontinued Price Symbols, Price Symbol and Page Directories, and Corrections plus useful tools including a Glossary, Holiday Calendar and Conversion tables. Select the Methodology & Reference button in the upper navigation for more information.

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