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Dubai and Oman crude price assessments proposal explained
October 12, 2015 16:45:34 EST (9:35)

On September 3rd, 2015, Platts launched a formal public consultation on a proposal to broaden the volume of physical crude that can be delivered into its Dubai and Oman crude oil benchmarks. In this video Dave Ernsberger and Jonty Rushforth outline the context, and details of the proposed changes.

Will Iran's crude find homes in a much changed oil landscape?
July 29, 2015 14:34:08 EST (10:20)

As Iran looks to a post-sanctions world in which it is once again free to sell its crude,Platts editors ask whether, in the face ofup to 3 millionb/d of oil oversupply, they'll be a place for Iranian product.

Natural Gas

Has Europe's gas market priced in the impending arrival of US LNG cargoes?
October 02, 2015 15:03:04 EST (3:23)

Platts managing editor Desmond Wong examines the European LNG market and whether it has priced in the impending arrival of US LNG cargoes into the region.


Golden Age or Bronze Age: Where is the clean tanker market heading?
October 02, 2015 07:15:23 EST (13:23)

Freight rates have improved this year, but as with any commodity, there's no crystal ball to tell the market for sure if current price trends are sustainable.

Dry bulk freight market: Swimming precariously
August 31, 2015 06:45:23 EST (9:00)

Platts editors examine the state of the dry bulk market as bunker fuel prices see a phenomenal drop.


How record low European thermal coal prices have been shaped by Colombian exports
October 01, 2015 14:26:14 EST (7:20)

Platts assesses record low European thermal coal prices, focusing on how steady Colombian exports and weak macroeconomic factors have affected the market.

Is there an end in sight for Asian thermal coal prices' southward trek?
August 28, 2015 06:30:23 EST (4:37)

Asian thermal coal prices have been on a downtrend since the start of 2015, mainly due to oversupply and weak demand. Factors dragging down prices keep piling up.

Electric Power

Offshore wind power costs fall in Europe, but will they hit the magic number?
August 20, 2015 11:07:48 EST (08:37)

Costs are coming down for offshore wind technology, but, as Henry Edwardes-Evans and Anuradha Ramanathan discuss in this video, the window of opportunity is shrinking because subsidies are finite and development is restricted.

Financial or non-financial? Why EU financial rules matter for energy companies
June 12, 2015 12:30:23 EST (7:22)

Platts Siobhan Hall on how energy companies will be affected by EU financial rules intended to tackle the kind of bad behavior in banks that led to the global financial crash.

Natural Gas

Will US natgas supply, power burn demand hit record levels this year?
August 20, 2015 05:00:48 EST (4:47)

North America started the summer with natural gas inventories below 5-year average levels, but production is growing, particularly in the Northeast.

Supply uncertainty, new demand could lift Mideast, Asian LNG markets this winter
August 04, 2015 00:10:48 EST (9:05)

Platts pricing analyst Max Gostelow joins Asia LNG managing editor Stephanie Wilson to look at how additional LNG demand could affect markets this winter, despite low volatility during the first half of the year.


US MTBE finds competition for Latin American markets
October 02, 2015 11:05:08 EST (5:54)

The US MTBE market has been shaken by some big news this year, and Q4 could see an uptick of demand for gasoline blending as South America heads into its summer.

US ethylene supplies seek opportunities for better prices
July 31, 2015 16:34:08 EST (7:20)

The abundance of domestic ethane in the US means ethylene is cheap and abundant and production margins are slim, but opportunities to export to higher-priced markets are limited.


What will H2 bring to China's struggling steel market?
July 27, 2015 00:01:48 EST (9:15)

Uncertainties hound the Chinese steel market in the second half of 2015 as issues like oversupply and weak end-user steel consumption linger.

Few positive signs for steel and iron ore at mid-year point
June 12, 2015 07:00:48 EST (5:13)

Platts editor Paul Bartholomew talks about the steel market's weakness as it continues to weigh on both iron ore demand and prices.


US ethanol industry uneasily starts 2015 awaiting Renewable Fuel Standard
February 17, 2015 12:00:00 EST (11:22 mins)
Jordan Godwin and Tim Worledge look at how the US ethanol industry has seen prices plummet, stockpiles soar, export opportunities open, and still no blending obligation decision from the US EPA.

Sugar market beset by high stocks, low prices, and over-supply – but are sweeter times ahead?
October 16, 2014 15:00:00 EST (15:44 mins)
Tim Worledge, Claudiu Covrig and Maria Nunez assess the fundamental factors moving sugar prices in key markets such as Brazil and Thailand; the impact of macro-economics, weather patterns, increasing global competition and subsidies in India; and how the sugar / ethanol production balance could prove to be crucial for the long term outlook of both markets.

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