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Natural Gas

European winter gas outlook bearish with regional price spike risks
September 29, 2016 08:07:53 EST (4:10)
Europe's winter natural gas price outlook looks bearish, but regional markets such as the UK and Ukraine remain vulnerable to price spikes, as S&P Global Platts' Lucie Roux reports.

Northeast US gas pipeline plans will enable more production, impact markets further afield
September 24, 2016 08:30:45 EST (3:25)

The Northeast US is set to undergo radical changes with natural gas infrastructure, but many pipeline development projects are at risk of delay.


Top 250 Energy Company Rankings 2016: The oil price rout triggers industry upheaval
September 27, 2016 09:45:28 EST (4:17)

Robert Perkins looks at how the fallout of the oil price collapse has reshaped Platts Top 250 Energy Company Rankings for 2016.

Platts to launch FOB Fujairah oil product assessments
September 20, 2016 05:30:00 EST (4:16)

Platts to publish independent, outright assessments on a free-on-board Fujairah basis for 95 RON gasoline; 10 parts per million sulfur gasoil and 500 ppm gasoil; jet fuel; and 380-centistoke fuel oil.


How is the US shale boom panning out on global markets?
September 23, 2016 11:09:28 EST (6:14)

Analyzing the latest developments in US ethane exports and related current and future crude, naphtha and NGLs pricing trends and impact on cracker margins in Europe.

Polymer imports continue playing important role for Mexico's market
September 08, 2016 08:51:39 EST (2:58)

Although the third polyethylene plant at Braskem-Idesa's petrochemical complex came online in June, US exports of polyethylene to Mexico have increased for five consecutive months.

Electric Power

Electric vehicles, renewables to re-order global energy supply chains
September 13, 2016 07:30:28 EST (4:24)

Ross McCracken explains how the electrification of transport based on renewables could short-circuit the insecurity over global energy supply chains through the localization of energy production and consumption.

EU bans commodity market abuse but delays over MiFID 2 compliance
August 18, 2016 08:00:00 EST (3:13)

Manipulating commodity markets in the European Union is now a crime. Siobhan Hall explains how EU financial regulations are impacting commodity traders, and what happens next.


Dry spell coming off for dry bulk markets
September 09, 2016 07:30:47 EST (10:14)
There are visible signs of stability returning to the dry bulk segment, according to market observers.

India a bright spot in dark and gloomy dry bulk market
June 21, 2016 07:40:01 EST (3:17)

If China got the dry bulk market out of the doldrums in 2005, is it India’s turn this time around?


2016's stellar performer: Met coal prices rise 73% Jan-Aug
August 30, 2016 05:00:50 EST (3:35)

Video on how China's aim to cut coal capacity, logistical bottlenecks, and a perceived supply tightness in Australia are all contributing to the rise in met coal prices.

How environmental checks in China are affecting steel, metals prices
August 29, 2016 05:19:26 EST (9:00)

China's central government has launched environmental inspections across variousregions, affecting output and prices in both upstream and downstream industries.


US coal markets take cues from gas, power after record-setting summer
September 20, 2016 08:29:45 EST (3:01)

US coal prices saw significant price boosts this summer after reaching extreme lows in May, and recent movements provide a hint as to market changes for the rest of 2016.

Surge of US Gulf Coast petcoke exports to India dropping off this summer
July 26, 2016 03:01:00 EST (3:29)

US Gulf Coast refiners exported an unprecedented level of petcoke in May, targeting growing demand in India, but tonnage is dropping and could have price effects.


More US ethanol exports could head to Korea in shuffling of supply, demand
July 21, 2016 04:01:00 EST (3:33)

The US is poised to send more ethanol to Korea, which has traditionally imported Grade B product mostly from Brazil.

Speculators help fund sugar market revival
June 16, 2016 14:35:57 EST (4:31)

David Elward looks behind speculators' decision to target sugar, with it having offered significantly higher returns than other commodities, including crude oil and precious metals.

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